10 Reasons Why December Is The Best Month Of The Year

The month of December comes preloaded with a heavy dollop of special. It’s just such a celebratory season, for everyone regardless of race, religion or orientation. If you’re not celebrating Christmas, you’re celebrating Hanukkah. If you’re not into those two, there’s New Year’s Eve waiting for you with fireworks and firecrackers. Oh! You just must love December!

To get you to catch this love bug, we’ll share with you ten reasons why this month is such a darling. See them below:

Reasons Why You Must Love December

Here are some special reasons why you should love December period:

Before every other reasons, lets take a look at the very inspirational story of the birth of Jesus, the purpose of His coming and how he teaches us to be good, kind, love and give, that’s the best reason of all to love December. Also is a time to be at the presence of God in fasting and prayers to seek for Divine Guidance in the new year.

Family Reunions


If you never get to see your family all year round, your chances of seeing them in December are high. That’s because the end of the year is a holiday for everyone, everywhere. What’s not to love about that?

December is A Time To Share


The holiday season is sharing season. We’re sharing love, sharing food, sharing our money, sharing clothes. Even most amazing, we’re sharing our time and happiness. You will agree that this world needs all the love it can get, especially now.

The Presents

Talking about sharing, gifts are something people get a lot of in December. There’s something in the air that makes everyone quite charitable. Add to that the story of Santa Claus who always comes bearing gifts.Then there’s also the story of the birth of Jesus, who was a gift himself. What other motivation do you need to give out presents in December? Who doesn’t love a gift-getting season? Certainly not you!

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December is the perfect reason and the perfect time to go shopping! The menfolk may not agree, but if you have female DNA, you just love to shop, don’t you. Shop Christmas presents; shop outfits for end of year and Christmas parties; also shop workwear for the new year. Shop, shop, shop! Just don’t go overboard, spending what you don’t have in the euphoria of the season. This is Nigeria, and January is still the longest month of the year.

Christmas Songs

Oh! The beautiful Christmas carols that transport you to heaven in seconds! Who doesn’t love songs of the baby Jesus and the angels? Even better when it’s a Christmas love song.

December holiday movies

Who else can’t get enough of cable channels and their Christmas movie marathon? From classic holiday movies like Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer;” and “Frosty the Snowman” to funny films like “Elf” and Santa;” Christmas movies truly get you into the holiday spirit. In December you can get cosy on the couch and watch holiday movies all day without a worry in the world. What’s not to love?

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The Food

The best time to be a foodie is in December, well because there’s a lot to eat and drink. Not just that food is surplus, there’s variety too! So there should be a law suspending all diets in December. So nobody feels guilty for stuffing their faces during the holidays. After all, what’s food for if not to be eaten? Who wouldn’t love that?

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December is HIV/AIDS Awareness Month

So we’re not just having a ball and stuffing our faces in this great month. We also get to lend our voices to a worthy cause. December is the HIV/AIDS awareness month. You get to

Other reasons why December is the best month

  • Holiday decorating
  • The crispness in the air
  • Christmas lights and trees
  • End of year sales

Finally, the last reason is the best of them all. You could say we saved the best for last and you wouldn’t be wrong. The reason for the season is the best of all. The very inspirational story of the birth of Jesus and how he teaches us to be good and kind and love and give, that’s the best reason of all to love December.

What do you love most about December?



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