APC National Chairman Oshiomhole Suspended (Reactions from Nigerians)

The High Court in Federal Capital Tertiary (FCT) ruling restraining Comrade Adams Oshiomhole from parading himself as the National Chairman of the ruling, All Progressives Congress, APC came surprisingly to most Nigerians, just as could be ascertained in a social media user’s reaction “Has he been removed as the chairman of APC party?”

Many Nigerians were aware of the feud in the APC party, notably between the National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiohole and the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki who is seeking a second term.

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This has sprung up reactions across the social media platforms and here are some of the reactions to the news of Oshiomhole’s suspension as gathered:

Trolling comments:

“Oshiomhole doesn’t even qualify for politician if possible not to talk of Chairman. Agbero in nature, he brought nothing but shame to APC.” Badaak® @iamdebbie30

“When next Obaseki speaks, Oshiomhole will listen.” -🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎 #Odogwu @horsething316

“I’m so happy. I think edolites that want the progress of that state are all happy. Oshiomhole has wrecked havoc. He needs to go.” -OGHOSA™ @MistehOG

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“Mr Oshiomhole, pls fulfil ur promises to Nigerian by telling us the person that is in Aso rock.” -Temidayo Benjamin Ifeoluwa

“Gov. Obaseki is showing u pepper this days” -Ilochi Young Pillar

“He should go so that we will have peace during election he directs all the crisises apc perpetrates☢️he is man with nothing than fowl language in his mouth a man who grow s from getho can never have consoling words in his mouth” -Onah Patricia

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Supportive comments:

“Oshiomhole is a no nonsense man that clipped all the party bigwigs parading themselves as super Men. Nigeria elites hate been checked that is what they want him out. He will be there till 2022 when his tenure ends. All those ganging up against him will surely bow down for him.” –Quazim @Quazim11

“It’s unfortunate that @MBuhari will turn his back on @A_Oshiomhole who stood with him all through the campaigns and delivered him as President in 2019.

“How can Mr president allow ***** ( Godwin Obaseki ) to disrespect and insults our National Chairman ??” -Onah Chijioke @CJodogwu

“Oshiomhole said if they remove him as APC chairman, he will tell Nigerians who’s ruling this country….

“Baba the have tried you, show them you are a comrade that doesn’t joke with your word…

“I trust you to do the needful…” -Mazi Ukach Nna kings(Eccl 7:14-17) @_24Kings

“Oshiomhole is unshakable, Obaseki and Co can only try their best to dislodge him, but to their greatest surprise they will never succeed. Those few men against Adams are obviously not loyal to the APC party and its course, they are good for nothing, good looking bad eggs.” –General Michael Akanji @mickiebrownkie

“Though not a fan of Oshiomhole,I want to say that the court has no power to suspend or sack him without the backing of the NWC of his party” -Agama Samuel Siaka

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