Big Brother Nigeria 2019 Live Update

Big Brother Nigeria 2019 Live Update A MegaGrowth Experience With Jenifa: Ding Dong, The Housemates go to the door and who did they find?

Courtesy of MegaGrowth, Gbo Gbo Bigs Girl, Funke Akindelo Bello popularly known as Jenifa paid the Pepper Dem Gang a visit and it was an eye-opening experience for the Housemates.

Big Brother Nigeria 2019 Live Update – Knock Knock

In this case, it was the bell that rang and made the Housemates wonder who might be paying them a visit. Their curiosity was soon satisfied as the celebrity guest made her way into the House. From Diane’s hug to Seyi’s expression, the reactions from the Housemate were indeed rich as they didn’t expect to see Jenifa in the House. Even Mike who isn’t very familiar with the guest got the feeling that she was important and he prepared himself to enjoy the experience.

Big Brother Nigeria 2019 Live Update

Let’s Talk A Little

Switching from Queen’s English to Jenifa lingo, Funke Akindele Bello had a chat with the Housemates and it was amusing.

Once they got seated, the guest kicked off the conversation by talking about her passion for the youths and how she believes they are the leaders of today. She then passed the baton to the Housemates and they proceeded to talk about themselves and their various hustle. One by one, they revealed what they were passionate about and what they planned to do after the Big Brother Naija House.

When Diane revealed her passion for acting, she was rewarded with a statement from Funke Akindele Bello “I can’t wait for you to join Jenifa’s Diary.” This comment was greeted with excitement from Diane.

Tacha on her part chatted about her business and her love for making money. She ended her conversation with a shot at Frodd  “you owe me 50 Bet9ja Coins for using my term, serial entrepreneur.”

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Big Brother Nigeria 2019 Live Update – Bearing Gifts

The guest didn’t come empty-handed as she gifted the Housemates products from MegaGrowth. According to her, they are in showbiz and they always need to represent. If the Housemates don’t look good, who will?

Concluding her visit, she advised the Pepper Dem Gang to remain positive, hold their heads high and remember that the sky is big for everyone to fly.

Big Brother Nigeria 2019 Live Update

Big Brother Nigeria 2019 Live Update – Keeping Up With The Pretense

In line with the Sunday ritual of Eviction preparations, the MegaGrowth professionals came around to do what they know how to do best.

All the Housemates were given hair treats by the MegaGrowth team of stylists. What they didn’t know was, there wasn’t going to be an Eviction tonight.

Big Brother Nigeria 2019 Live Update – Getting Ready

Early this morning, Mercy woke up to pack some of her belongings. So serious was she in this duty that it had us wondering what was on her mind as she carried out this Task. Lambo didn’t leave anything to chance as she already secured a spot in the finale but before then, she had to cross this bridge first. When she was done with getting her things ready, she went back to bed to cuddle her sweetheart. We guess some things can’t be struck out completely.

Big Brother Nigeria 2019 Live Update

Jokes Apart

Diane didn’t find it funny that Elozonam joked about the Strike they earned yesterday. Elozonam who instigated the whole issue noticed that Diane was not in a good mood throughout yesterday hence the need to have the talk. Diane told Elozonam that she wasn’t cool with the joke as getting a Strike wasn’t something she was supposed to be happy about. She also said that she felt hurt about it especially as Tacha consistently pushed her to the wall. Highlighting the importance of communication, Elozonam wished Diane spoke to him about it.

Big Brother Nigeria 2019 Live Update

The Greek Gift

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When Elozonam announced to the Housemates that they can all get their hair styled, this sparked some excitement from them but it also brought up an interesting conversation among Frodd, Omashola, Ike and Elozonam.

The suspicion voiced by these Housemates was what if Biggie puts all of them on the Nomination block? Frodd said he wouldn’t put it past Biggie to pull this trick on them.

Big Brother Nigeria 2019 Live Update

What can we say? The fear is real.

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