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Our Beautiful Angels EPISODE 5

Our Beautiful Angels EPISODE 5

Our Beautiful Angels “Lead me to your bed,” he drawled: his hands lingering on her thighs which were now exposed- her dress having ridden up. He had pulled her unto his laps. His lips tried to claim hers again but her face moved to the side. His mouth settled on the nape of her neck, her fragrance hauling him […]

Our Beautiful Angels EPISODE 3

Our Beautiful Angels EPISODE 5

Our Beautiful Angels EPISODE 3 Richard backed away from Desola because he knew kissing her would not obliterate the hurt his wife’s actions had inflicted on him. After all, it was only five days ago he found out his son might not be his. His soreness was like pus, it didn’t matter how much dressing he chucked at it, it kept seeping through. Richard went to sit on […]

Our Beautiful Angels EPISODE 2

Our Beautiful Angels EPISODE 5

Our Beautiful Angels EPISODE 2   Desola let her face curl into a smile. She had missed Femi, her on and off boyfriend of seven months. “I am seeing someone, Desola. I am seeing a girl that I have sort of fallen for” Femi’s words knifed her hopes : her fantasies of a fairy tale wedding, a wedding night and the two children she pictured them with. She reassured herself that she had heard him wrong. […]

When Luck Runs Out

when luck runs out

When Luck Runs Out   Olawale Martins smiled again as he pulled out of the Kuramo Beach car park. He glanced at the watch on his left wrist and could barely make out what the time piece displayed. Now, it dawned on him that the alcohol had begun to take its toll. Well, it hardly […]

The New Year’s Gift

New year's gift

The New Year’s Gift She stood at the window, waiting. The same way she had been waiting for five years hoping to see something or someone come up the driveway. Everyone had told her she was foolish. She needed to get on with her life and move on. They had done the memorial service two […]

Our Life, Our Pain EPISODE 1

Our Life, Our Pain EPISODE 1

Our Life, Our Pain EPISODE 1 Nneka walked away from the river with her water pot balanced expertly  on her head. She hurried because the sky was getting cloudy and thunder was rumbling in the distance. Securing her wrapper, she looked down at her bare feet on the little, overgrown path that led back to […]


reliving christmas

RELIVING CHRISTMAS There were five of us that headed for the stream that hot afternoon. Mixed-raced Chibu, who came in from Abuja the week before – who would rather whistle strange-sounding tunes and giggle than participate when we argued at the top of our voices. But he knew things that the rest of us loud […]