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The New Year’s Gift

New year's gift

The New Year’s Gift She stood at the window, waiting. The same way she had been waiting for five years hoping to see something or someone come up the driveway. Everyone had told her she was foolish. She needed to get on with her life and move on. They had done the memorial service two […]

Our Life, Our Pain EPISODE 1

Our Life, Our Pain EPISODE 1

Our Life, Our Pain EPISODE 1 Nneka walked away from the river with her water pot balanced expertly  on her head. She hurried because the sky was getting cloudy and thunder was rumbling in the distance. Securing her wrapper, she looked down at her bare feet on the little, overgrown path that led back to […]


reliving christmas

RELIVING CHRISTMAS There were five of us that headed for the stream that hot afternoon. Mixed-raced Chibu, who came in from Abuja the week before – who would rather whistle strange-sounding tunes and giggle than participate when we argued at the top of our voices. But he knew things that the rest of us loud […]

The Guilty Episode 3

The Guilty Episode 4

Previously on The Guilty: “Hey Tos,” Tayo called. “We are not the bad guys here. The accused is. He killed an innocent girl. He should face the wrath of the law for that. We should aid the course of justice.” Tosin dropped the call. He had heard enough. He would go for the case and […]

The Guilty Episode 1

The Guilty Episode 4

The Guilty Episode 1   Bamidele Ayodeji went through his case file again as he awaited the arrival of the trial Judge. This should be a pretty easy case for him. Everything was in place to get the conviction he wanted – the conviction he needed. The conviction he badly needed. It was a murder […]

Shades Of Deceit Episode 12

Shades Of Deceit Episode 13

Shades Of Deceit Episode 12   WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8th, 2014. Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja. 06:56PM Laide’s fingers trembled as she approached the entrance of her room, her limbs aching with every step she took but she just could not get herself to stop as she inched closer to the sound of the moans coming from inside […]

Shades Of Deceit Episode 11

Shades Of Deceit Episode 13

Shades Of Deceit Episode 11   TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7th, 2014. Lekki, Lagos. 09:12AM Mrs Remi Johnson was a picture of a very happy woman. The smile on her face seemed like it was permanently plastered on it as her eyes glittered like masterfully cut out diamond pieces. Why would she not be happy when she […]

Shades Of Deceit Episode 10

Shades Of Deceit Episode 13

Shades Of Deceit Episode 10   MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th, 2014. Garki, Abuja. 10:23AM Chika reclined on his chair, wincing occasionally as if in pain as he tried to bring the rampaging thoughts in his head to control. He had tried to distract himself with work but the more he tried, the more the scenes of […]