Later that evening the children were seated watching tv. Bayo was at the dining reading a book when Ada’s phone rang. She ask to know who was calling and her husband responded that it was Bishop. She screeched from the kitchen to the dinning and wrestled the phone from her husband.

Bishop: Ada Owerri

Ada: good evening (she giggled while she went back to the kitchen)

Bishop: you have not been picking my calls

Ada: I have been kind of busy

Bishop: is your husband back from work?

Ada: yes, he is back (she said going back towards the dining). Lest I forget, thank you for the gift. It was perfect. I was surprised

Bishop: when have I never surprised you? You deserve better than that

Ada: this one is ok; my husband would like to talk to you

Bishop: why do you want to set me up for just a small gift

Ada: you dey fear? Bread (a name she calls him back in school when he acted silly

Bishop: Bread!! You no dey forget something?

Bayo: Mr. Bishop good evening

Bishop: good evening sir

Bayo: please stop the formalities and call me Bayo

Bishop: okay sir, sorry.

Bayo: I want to really show my profound gratitude for the wedding gift you gave us. Words cannot express how we feel

Bishop: it’s nothing, I am sorry it’s coming late

Bayo: it’s better late, otherwise we won’t know it’s worth

Bishop: don’t mention. Congratulations on marrying the most beautiful girl I a have ever known.

Bayo: maybe one of these days we can hangout if you don’t mind

Bishop: not at all. I will take a rain check on that

Bayo: no problem, good night (he handed the phone back to Ada)

Bishop: you try well, this set up will not work

Ada: how?

Bishop: he said we should hangout

Ada: he is a party rider just like you

Bishop: those times have passed. My own Eze now goes to church

Ada: na you sabi

Bishop: I will go only one condition

Ada: what might that be

Bishop: you are tagging along

Ada: till then

Bishop: goodnight

Ada: my mum extends her greetings

Bishop: say me hi to her. Send her number so I can put a call across to her

Ada: will send it later.

Everything was blissful all thanks to Bishop. Ada has been keeping her distance from Bishop. But couldn’t for long as he insisted on seeing her, but she knew how vulnerable she was around him. She decided to invite her sister in-law Kemi. She’s single and will make a perfect distraction.

Kemi was the perfect distraction. Kemi has been fully briefed about Bishop, so it was Ada personified. When Kemi went back to school, Bishop will call Ada and asked to see her in respect to Kemi but she always turned him down saying you are matured enough to know what you want.

On a certain day, Bishop met Ada at the estate supermarket and they were tagged a couple as they forgot about shopping and talked till they both lost track of time. Ada lost her defenses and let his thoughts creep back in. Kemi’s discussion came up but it was not compared to what they had to say to their self.

Months passed, Everything went back to normal. But Ada and Bishop were waxing stronger in the absence of Kemi.

Kemi couldn’t stay away for too long before she hurried back to town. Kemi once told Ada that she feels Bishop is running away from something or towards something. He feels disconnected from his family and barely have friends.

Ada debunked it saying he just came back to the country and with the bad things crawling around, one needs to be careful. You must really know him Kemi said. Ada, tell me about your school days. Ada was reluctant at first but Kemi insisted and Ada bulged. She told her about the Chemistry that was between them and how she friend zoned him while they were in school.

Ada brought out old picture which had Bishop in almost all of them. Kemi was wowed as the pictures will only affirm they are dating. But Ada was defensive and since she is married to Bayo with kids, Kemi had no option than to believe her side of the story.


After a while, Bayo will come home reeking of alcohol. When asked, he would just sigh and head for the room. Sometimes he doesn’t even eat his meal, and this got Ada worried. The kids were no longer his priority. He would bark at them as if they were strangers bothering his life.

A house that once gave comfort and housed normal people suddenly became a house on fire. There were irregular arguments, shouting at odd hours. Ada has asked a thousand times, what really was the matter but Bayo never gave a definite answer but he kept saying “ soon you will know”.

Ada went through everything in the last month and found nothing she had done wrong. She decided to ignore and endure these trials without lamentation, hoping that one day Bayo will come back to his senses and they will enjoy the bliss of their marriage again.

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Ada called Kemi and told her what was happening. Kemi was in town and said she will stop by before she goes back to school.

On Friday of that same week, after Ada dropped the children off at school; she got home and met her husband’s car still parked in the compound. She wondered what could have happened. Going up to the room, she found him still sleeping and snoring like a grunted pig. She walked up to him and tapped him

Ada: Honey, wake up are you not going to work today?

Bayo: (moving his body he said!) No, I want to rest

Ada: what will you like to eat

Bayo: I am not hungry

She sat on the bed and looked at him suspiciously. Deep in thought, I hope all is well because he has really changed these past weeks. At least we will have time to talk about what has been happening. She got under the sheets, wrapped her hands around him and slept off. Before she woke up, he was all dressed up preparing to go out.

Ada: honey, I want to talk to you

Bayo: am listening (he sounded harsh)

Ada: sit down please it will take a while

Bayo: then start talking

Ada: (she started by kneeling down) If there is anything I have done to offend you, please forgive me. Your attitude towards me have changed (she said sobbing). I no longer understand why you act the way you do these days. (she crawled down to his side clutching to his leg on her knees). Why not tell me what I have done and save me from this torture.

Bayo: (knotting his tie with keen interest) so you want to tell me you don’t know what you did or have been doing?

Ada: I don’t know (she sobbed heavily) please tell me so that…………..

Bayo: so that what? (he shouted sharply)

Ada was shocked and moved back to avoid a slap she has foreseen.

Bayo: well, (he continued) when I come back, I will tell you what you did

Ada: thought you said you were no going to work

Bayo: I am not, I want to see an associate

Ada: be careful

Bayo turned and nodded his head like someone who is pitting another.

It was about noon when Bishop called her and asked for a meet but she said she was busy. Bishop being who he is never relents and always persistent

Bishop: so, you are too busy for me

Ada: Not really, just that I have something important I need to take care of

Bishop: it’s kind of important

Ada: please let’s leave it till next week

Bishop: I know when you are angry, do you mind sharing with me?

Ada: please I want to go and pick up the kids from school let’s talk later

Bishop: should I meet you up?

Ada: no, I will call you up later. Then she ended the call.

She got back from the children’s school, prepared their meal and retired to the room. She was restless. All she could think of is how come she offended Bayo without knowing. God please help touch him to forgive me.

She was eagerly awaiting his return but no show. Instead, Kemi came in bearing gifts of fruits. At about 6pm, Ada tried calling Bayo, but his number was not available. Ada and Kemi got into their discussion and she informed Kemi about her ordeal in the hands of her brother. Kemi advised Ada to just be patient till he comes back and tells her offense. Then she can start apologizing.

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Kemi: don’t kill yourself over what you don’t know

Kemi came with a gist of her own, a gist filled with youthfulness, a tale of young boys and girls. A tale of parties and unending escapades. They laughed and shared views. Then she said to Kemi

Ada: I remember when I was still in school (throwing her youthful steps) boys will be lining up to take me out

Kemi: I trust you, even now that you are married, they still have their eyes on you.

Ada: Bayo will shoot anyone that comes near me

Kemi: I trust him

Ada: how is Bishop doing?

Kemi: I should be asking you. Is he no longer your neighbour?

Ada: I have been avoiding him these day

Kemi: why, what happened

Ada: I just feel since I have hooked you guys up I should withdraw

Kemi: where are you withdrawing to.

Ada: give you guys space to know each other better

Kemi: I will need expo from you as regards him. He is too gentle for my liking

Ada: if there is one thing, I like about him, it’s his calmness. Ada continued into oblivion. I guess we were too close for comfort. There are times I even want him but because of the respect he has for me, he never makes the move.

Kemi: that sounds like a Ju-man

Ada: I wish, he was tagged ladies’ man. Sometimes I feel jealous when I see him with other girls

Kemi noticed the way she was sounding while narrating and said

Kemi: you love him. So, it was you who lost out of the game

Ada: not really, he was very caring to me. Even when I refused to date him. There is nothing he didn’t do for me back then. I never lacked because he was always attending to my needs.

While she was narrating, Kemi saw her melting away tears rolling down her chin

Kemi: you really loved him

Ada: something like that. I bet you will come to love him too

Kemi: Omo Ibo! Well, we are on it already

Ada went in and brought out the wrist watches Bishop bought for them and handed it over to Kemi

Kemi: wow, he sure knows how to steal a heart.

Ada: I just wish this cross will pass over me.

Kemi: I hope you are not still in love with him? I can’t compete with you in that regard

Ada: I am married to your brother. Moreover, he and Bayo has spoken. They are expecting to meet anytime soon, and I don’t want to be in the cross fire.

Kemi: now that he stays around you; I pity your unexpressed emotions. They will come flooding

Ada: they are but I am happily married she said flaunting her ring

Kemi: I guess we will go and see him tomorrow

Ada: you are on your own in that regard

Kemi: you must go with me or better still you will invite him over.

Kemi looked at her time and it was past eleven. Then she asked

Kemi: does my brother always come back this late?

Ada: not at all, I guess he went out with friends. Today is Friday

Kemi: I need to rest my body

Ada: you need it, I will wait a while before I go to bed

Kemi: Goodnight………

Not long after Kemi went to bed, Bayo came banging on the door as if he was being chased

What now!!!

The banging on the door was not funny, who could it be at this ungodly hour. Ada summoned courage and approached the door because she was expecting her husband. Kemi was awake as well but didn’t show up as she took refuge in the children’s room

Ada: who is it? She asked mildly

Bayo: Woman! Open this door

Ada: am coming (she hurriedly opened the door)

Bayo: how long will it take you to open the door? He walked pass her and sighed

Ada: welcome

Bayo looked at her irritatingly and headed upstairs, then he turned sharply and asked

Bayo: how is your boyfriend?

Ada: you are drunk was the next thing she said

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Bayo: I asked you a question and you tell me I am drunk?

Ada: please I don’t want your trouble tonight, allow go and sleep

Bayo: come back here, he pulled her gown

Ada: Bayo, please stop the children are asleep

Bayo: should they rather be awake. He shouted

All these while Kemi and the children were awake listening to everything they were saying. In-between their conversation, an argument ensued; things started falling apart. Ada ran away from her husband’s grip and headed for the kitchen.

Bayo followed her and asked her to come out and tell me if what I have been hearing is a lie. I travelled for just a week and the next thing is stories. I did not believe it till I saw it myself this morning. Come out and defend yourself.

He snuck up to where she was and pulled her by the hair into the living room. He gave her no room for explanation. He beat her mercilessly. She felt helpless and her eyes landed on a vase. She picked it and smashed it on his head. He fell and held is head.

At this time Ada ran into the room and locked the door but Bayo being Bayo followed up even with blood dripping from his head. The children were crying, and Kemi kept them all locked in her arms. Kemi did not believe was she was experiencing.

Bayo continued banging on the door. Ada was crying helplessly but Bayo was insistent on entering that door necessary. He went back to the kitchen and picked up the pestle then he headed for the room. The first bang on the door got Ada on her feet as she peep out the window but no one was there to help her.

She was praying but the bang on the door cut short the prayer as she needed to do something. After a successful hit the door was wide open. Bayo held his pestle above his head with the intention of hitting Ada but the next we heard was a gunshot. Followed by a thud. Suddenly there was golden silence, nobody knows what happened. But there was silence. The fight has ended.

Then came a whisper from the window of the children’s room. The voice was calling repeatedly Ifeanyi, Oby, Chioma. Kemi tried to cover their mouths but Ifeanyi answered with a whisper. Bishop asked him to open the door. Ifeanyi was going towards the door when Kemi pulled him back and asked in a low voice

Kemi: do you know the person

Ifeanyi: yes, Uncle Bishop

She accompanied him to the door and asked the others to stay put. Kemi opened the door and Bishop dashed in with the gateman and some neighbours who were available

Bishop: where are they?

Ifeanyi pointed towards their room upstairs. Bishop ran upstairs and found Ada battered. She cried louder when she saw who came to her rescue (Bishop) She held onto him tight and never want to let go. The security man then tapped Bishop on the back pointing at the lifeless body of Mr. Fakumo in a pool of Blood. He let go of her and went to him, he was lying face down. Bishop turned him up and notice that the bullet touched him on the chest and checked for vitals. He was breathing, he asked for car keys and one of the neighbour offered to drive them.

Bishop carried Mr. Fakumo’s lifeless body and headed for the car. Ada followed them to the hospital leaving Kemi with the kids. Kemi watched them running around without offering any help. She shut the door as soon as they left and put the kids back to bed assuring them that everything will be fine.

The road to the hospital was free. On getting there, the car was directed to the emergency unit with a team of medical personnel on standby. The doctor on call insisted on reporting the case to the police before the commencement of treatment. Its protocol the doctor said. While Mr. and Mrs. Fakumo were being attended to, Bishop and the neighbour were at the reception awaiting the arrival of the police.

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