My Diary – 17th August, 2019.

My Diary – 17th August, 2019.

Today I was simply my ”best”. woke up by 5.00am to the shock of everyone (that’s usually when the real sleep start). I led in morning prayers, ran the bath for my little boys and made breakfast, yes I made breakfast.

Fixed my self and went to school. Today I didn’t pretend not to see anyone, I said hi to everyone and I told all those I met how wonderful they looked. I didn’t fake a angry phone call while passing by the anatomy library and I told the librarian I liked his funky haircut.

I accompanied Stella to get her ID card and even bought a bottle of water for her. I didn’t carry a bottle of coke along the path and when they asked for a donation of N300 from everyone in class, I didn’t embarrass anyone by giving N1000. I didn’t snap the cadavers today or even spit at them.

I wore a skirt for Engr. Frank’s class though he still complained it was too short and tight. I didn’t even make a call during neuroendocrinology class and I didn’t tell Prof. Math his accent was bad, I even answered a question and laughed to his Indian jokes, I talked to all my class boys and didn’t roll my eyes in disgust at their shallow mentality, I even took a picture and let them peck me, I almost collapsed.

I didn’t take sharwama or pop corn to school, hey, I even surprised myself there and worst I joined Koko and Yemi to go eat at their low rated school canteen (Oh my gosh).

I didn’t tell our lab attendants they stink of formalin and I gave them N300 each, I answered everyone that said hello with a smile instead of saying ”uhum” and seriously tending to my lappy, I let my class mates play songs from my mp3 player for as long as they wanted.


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I came home late ‘coz I attended our departmental meeting and I told the driver to drop my colleagues at their homes.

I threw up when I got home ‘coz this whole thing didn’t work for me, even myself disgusted me, I hope to snap out of this deadly syndrome by tomorrow. Even my BF hates it. Good night duh

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