Shades Of Deceit Episode 9

Shades Of Deceit Episode 9



Maitama, Abuja.


Chika raised his eyes to the clock on the wall as he heard the sound of the gate being opened so that Sylvia could drive out. It was 9:57; about twenty two minutes after Amaka had stormed out of the house.

He picked up his phone from the stool beside him, waiting patiently for ten o’ clock so he could make the call to his wife. He was sure she would be home by that time as he didn’t want to make the call while she was still driving.

He was surprised that he felt bothered that she was angry after seeing Sylvia walk out from the kitchen in his shirt, when he could easily be revelling in the knowledge that he was making her feel a bit of the pain he felt as he watched her sexcapade on that tape.

His actions could easily be explained away as payback, but the irony of the matter was that her assumptions were totally wrong. He didn’t sleep with Sylvia.

He smiled to himself as he remembered Sylvia’s persistent knocks on the door after he had locked himself up in the study, when she had crept into his bed at night, cuddling close to him.

He had felt her nipples bristling against his back, as the familiar volcano erupted in his loins. He was on fire.

A sure bet for the money would have been that he would scoop her up in his arms and tear off his shirt from off her flesh like an excited kid would rip off the wrap from off his birthday gift – and oh! What a birthday gift she would have been.

He had instead eased off the bed like a robot and made straight for the study, his legs heavy and unwilling as he trudged out of the room into the company of his books.

He had cradled up to the couch in the study, laughing at the ridiculousness of his decision, his mind alert as he waited for his predator.

The sound of the turn on the door handle sliced through the silence in the study and then he heard his name.


First it was like a whisper and then it grew in confidence with each new call.

Chika, this is childish. I won’t rape you, or will I? She had asked, sounding irritated.

It surprised him that he didn’t feel any urge to let her in as he took a more comfortable position on the couch, the continuous raps on the door serving as a lullaby as he drifted off to sleep.

The vibration of his phone in his hand stirred him out from his reverie as his consciousness returned to real-time. He glanced at the phone and his eyes opened up in surprise as he saw the sweetest tag on the screen of the phone. It was his wife calling.

He had pulled out her special ringtone after the quarrel but had left her on as his ‘sweetest’ in his phone-book, a tag the events of the past hour had shown was deeper than just a phone identity.

‘Hello,’ he spoke into the receiver, ready to start the, ‘it’s not the way it looks’ toasting, before the sound of the voice at the other end stopped him.



‘Hello,’ it was a male voice.

‘This is my wife’s number,’ Chika said, his voice carrying a tone of inquisition with it.

‘I was actually hoping for that,’ the voice replied.

Chika was on pause mode as he listened with rapt attention.

‘Your wife has been involved in an accident,’ the voice continued. ‘And it requires your immediate presence in the hospital.’

‘Accident? What happened? How is she? And my little boy?’ Chika asked all in one breathe, his voice laced with worry as he straightened up on the chair, his right palm wet with sweat as he clutched the phone to his ears.

He listened as the voice called out the name of the hospital over the phone but his thoughts bordered majorly on the condition of his family. ‘Yes I know the place, it’s not too far from me,’ he replied, ‘but please is it possible I speak with my wife now?’ He asked.

‘Sir, she’s not in a position to talk right now and it’s very important you get here as quickly as you can,’ the voice stated calmly but firmly before ending the call.

Chika’s mind was in turmoil as he slipped on his trousers quicker than he had ever done before in his life, throwing a t-shirt over his shoulders as he dashed out of the house.

His fingers quivered as he turned the key in the front door, while clicking on the unlock button on his car’s key fob at the same time.

‘Adamu, please open up,’ he called out to the gate-man as he hurried to his car, his mind mapping out the shortest route to the hospital. If there was ever a time it was right to drive like a James Bond, this was that time.


Gwarimpa, Abuja.


Nike removed the ear piece from her ears as the three Pastors trooped out off the Senior Pastor’s office.

She knew the meeting would not last up till ten o’ clock as there was a wedding in church that one of the pastors was sure to conduct.

She held an envelope in her left hand as she stepped into the office; with Pastor Michael only raising up his head from what he was reading when she closed the door behind her.

‘Nike, so you came to work?’ Pastor Michael asked with a teasing smile on his face. He usually allowed her to have her Saturdays off, especially when there was no program in church that she was needed for. Such off-Saturdays were not very often and this Saturday was one of them, hence his surprise at seeing her in the office, even though he could also see that she was not dressed for work. ‘This outfit looks like an owambe outfit to me,’ Pastor Michael continued with his teasing.

‘Sir, I came for Sister’s Fejiro’s wedding,’ Nike replied, lowering her eyes somewhat shyly. She could not understand why she sometimes felt shy in his presence, considering the intimate and extremely passionate moments they’ve shared together. The last of their encounters was about two months ago and even though the lull gave her a sense of spiritual purity, she couldn’t deny the sexual tension she felt when she was alone with him. She actually missed him.


‘You have something for me?’ Pastor Michael asked, obviously oblivious of her thoughts, as his attention focused on the envelope in her hand.

‘Yes sir,’ she replied as she passed the envelope over to him. ‘It’s an invite from Bishop Desmond to speak at the Transformation Master-class.’

‘Oh that,’ Pastor Michael said as he opened up the envelope. ‘Bishop called me yesterday and told me about it. I gave a verbal confirmation; you can go ahead and do send them a confirmation letter.’

‘Pastor, October eight is our pre-women conference Wednesday,’ Nike said.

‘I know,’ Pastor Michael replied. ‘My wife usually ministers on that day.’

‘Yes Pastor, but you usually don’t miss it.’ Nike reminded him.

Pastor Michael had a smile on his face as he tapped his fingers on the desk. ‘That’s true, but you also know that it will take a lot for me to refuse an invite from my mentor. I would have to be outside the country on an engagement for that to happen, you know that right?’

Nike nodded.

‘Exactly my point, so I don’t know why you want to set me up,’ Pastor Michael said, laughing.

Nike smiled. ‘I’ll send the letter Sir.’

‘Thank you, I’ll appreciate that. And you know you don’t have to do that today, you can make that on Monday,’ Pastor Michael said, as he handed back the envelope to her.

‘Ok Sir,’ Nike replied, receiving the envelope from him and swaying her hips as she left the office. She could feel his eyes scorching her back with every step she took and as she approached the door, she turned slightly backwards in a bid to catch his stare but his eyes were fixed on the material on his desk. He had not noticed her cat-walk. Her eyes dimmed in disappointment as she stepped out of the office but at the same time she was grateful to be finally out as the pace of her heart-beat slowed a notch back to normal. She could finally breathe again.

She wished she didn’t feel these sinful desires that were threatening to consume her. She wished she could muster the resolve to say No! The next time Temptation came calling.

Maybe she could, but she wanted just one last taste of the forbidden fruit before she would.

‘Just one more,’ she muttered to herself as she stepped into the church through the side entrance. The wedding ceremony was already in progress as Sister Fejiro looked like an angel in her glistening white wedding gown.


Maitama, Abuja.


”Can I go now, I guess it should be up to thirty minutes I’ve been lying here?’ Chika asked the laboratory scientist attending to him as she walked into the mini room where he was on a bed rest. She had insisted that he remains on bed rest after his blood was drawn for a minimum of twenty minutes, while the fractionation process continued.

‘Sure you can sir,’ she replied, ‘I was beginning to think you were enjoying our hospitality.’ Her face creased into a smile.

Chika smiled back. ‘Do I need to take anything back to the doctor?’

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‘Yes, your certificate,’ she replied. ‘It’s ready.’

‘I guess we’re compatible right?’ Chika asked, his brows arched.

‘Of course you are,’ the laboratory scientist replied as she handed over an envelope to him. ‘You’re an ‘O’ negative, makes it easy.’

Chika smiled as he stepped out of the laboratory, his feet leading him back to the block where his wife and son were being cared for. His mind was clouded with thoughts of worry and he still could not bring himself to believe that he was in a hospital donating blood to rescue his son, while his wife was on a sedative induced sleep to calm her nerves after the huge shock of the accident.

It was all his fault.

If he had not allowed Sylvia to spend the night in the house, he would have been enjoying a picnic by this time in a park with his family.

He made straight for the doctor’s office to show him the certificate, waving a quick hello to a nurse whom he had seen attending to Josh earlier.

He’s an ‘O’? That’s strange.

He paused in his stride, his knuckles in mid-air ready to rap at the body of the closed door. He could hear the doctor’s voice from inside, he was having a phone conversation, but that was not why he had stopped from entering into the office. His instincts had stopped him, as he listened in on the conversation from outside the door.

She’s an ‘A’ and the boy is a ‘B’, meaning he should either be a ‘B’ or an ‘AB’,’ the doctor continued. But with him being an …

‘Any problem sir?’ a nurse with a file in hand asked, as she walked up to him.

‘No… ,’ Chika answered dismissively as he tried to strain his ears to continue listening to the doctor’s phone conversation. ‘I think the doctor is on a call and I don’t want to disturb him,’ he said.

‘That’s not a problem,’ the nurse replied, tapping gently on the body of the door and turning the handle at the same time. ‘This is work period, come with me,’ she whispered to him with a smile as she led him into the office.

Chika forced on another smile. How he wished this nurse would just mind her business.

He couldn’t explain why he was eavesdropping on the doctor’s conversation but he had a deep feeling that the conversation was about him.


It felt weird.

As he took his seat in front of the doctor who was placing the phone receiver back on the box, his eyes landed on a poster on the left side of the wall.


He fixed his gaze on the poster, poring over its contents. He was aware from a side glance that the doctor had traced his gaze to the poster and was presently staring at him, but he was not all bothered. ‘Doctor, can I do a DNA testing here?’ He heard himself say, his voice sounding cold, distant and very strange. And as he heard the doctor echo a ‘Yes’ in reply, he could swear he was having his first out of body experience.

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