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THE FLOWER GIRL EPISODE 7 Chidimma had just returned from school and was very hungry. Her mother was not at home as she had followed her husband to the farm in the morning and both had not returned. Chidimma went to the kitchen to look for food and found none. Her mother had often told her that she had come of age and could start learning how to cook. She, therefore, deliberately did not keep any food for Chidimma. Rather, she brought out a yam tuber which she was to cook by herself that afternoon. When Chidimma did not see any food to eat, she got herself ready to prepare the launch, first, by peeling the yam which she did successfully. The yam had been sliced and put in the pot ready for cooking. The next was to make a fire. Obele had no stove neither did he have cooker of any kin...


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THE FLOWER GIRL EPISODE 6 Tochi needed a lonely place where she could execute her plans to manhandle Chidimma so that no one would be out to save her. And there and then, the opportunity called. She then moved faster and grabbed Chidimma to a halt. "Chidimma or flower girl or whatever name they call you, do you still remember me?" "I know you because two of us are in the same class five," replied Cliidimma, fidgeting. Giving her a dirty slap, she said, "Take a look at my face very well and recall where you first saw this face." "Please I can't remeMber." "You must remember it by force." She hit her again and pushed her to the ground. Chidimma's school bag fell-on the ground and Tochi made for the bag, empting the content to the ground. She picked up the necklace and put ...


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THE FLOWER GIRL EPISODE 5 The cat had been finally let out of the bag and Nneka was expelled from the school. Nneka's expulsion from the school affected Chidmma so much that she hardly coped with her studies any longer. Her position in the class dropped from 25th to 37th out of 42 pupils in the class. Not that she wasn't attending classes always nor that her teachers were not teaching very well, but Chidimma's main problem was that she could hardly commit anything to memory. Mindless of the fact that she was beautiful down to her handwriting, Chidimma was a scatter-brain. The level with which Chidimma exhibited feeble-mindedness at times would make you spit at her. Chidimma could only manage to spell her English name, Cynthia, correctly. She could also speak very well, blowing big b...


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THE FLOWER GIRL EPISODE 4 Chibueze's wedding over, and he went back to US with his wife, Oluorna. Also with Chibueze was the video recorder of all the activities that occurred during the wedding ceremony among which was the role Chidimma played as the flowergirl. When the video record was played in the United States, Chibueze's allies were captivated by Chidimma's wonderful performance. They all watched her with admiration and wanted to see her in person. "You should have brought this girl along with you to the United States," said by the first person, Scott. "I tried but her parents refused," replied Chibueze. "You should have tried harder." "She is their only child." "I would have wanted her to be trained as a model." It was the second person, Danny, talking. "And she ...


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THE FLOWER GIRL EPISODE 3 The kola arrived and the prayer stammered. Chibueze declined chewing a piece given to him, rather he put it inside his pocket promising to take it home. As Obele was busy chewing his. he engaged Chibueze in further discussion. "We got the news down here that they bombed America. Is that true?" "Yes, it is. It was indeed a tough one and a black day for Americans." "The way we received the news here, we thought that everybody in America was killed in the bomb blast..." "No, no, no. America is such a big country that destroying it a day is impossible. They said that it was Osama,Bin Laden that perpetrated that evil act." "Osa, is osa not a wild animal's name? How come did it get to America?" Chibueze laughed. "No Osama is a human.. It is a Musli...


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THE FLOWER GIRL EPISODE 2 Obele and his family were done with the Morning Prayers and were busy doing the morning chores. Mma, as her father fondly calldd her, was not in a hurry because she had been sent home a fortnight ago from school as a result of non-payment of school fees. Her going back to school for her studies was still up in the air. Her father, Obele, was almost set to leave for his farm. He had tidied all his implements together and as well dressed in his usual farming attire. "Mma, since you no longer go to school, you have to join me in the fa-fa-fa-farm today;" her father who looked tattered in his attire stammered as he ordered her. "Papa, does it mean I will no longer go to school again?" "Do-do-do-do you want me to-to-to steal to send you to school?" "But pa...


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THE FLOWER GIRL EPISODE 1 Heavy rain had fallen in Oseh community that popular Nkwo market day, and it was the first rain of the year, bringing a protracted dry season to a sudden stop Chidimma was home alone. Her parents, Obele and Ndudi, had not returned from the market. Before that first rain, the.t was a long stretch of severe droUght and it was one of the worst droughts ever: no water, no food. People, therefore, longed and prayed for the rain, and at last, it came. The arrival of the first rain had never come and gone in Oseh without stories to tell, mostly sad news. It was. often characterised by squally showers that had so many times left the community with stories of loss of lives or properties. It all started with howling wind which kept everyone on the run, then followed ...