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Our Beautiful Angels EPISODE 2

Our Beautiful Angels EPISODE 5

Our Beautiful Angels EPISODE 2   Desola let her face curl into a smile. She had missed Femi, her on and off boyfriend of seven months. “I am seeing someone, Desola. I am seeing a girl that I have sort of fallen for” Femi’s words knifed her hopes : her fantasies of a fairy tale wedding, a wedding night and the two children she pictured them with. She reassured herself that she had heard him wrong. […]

When Luck Runs Out

when luck runs out

When Luck Runs Out   Olawale Martins smiled again as he pulled out of the Kuramo Beach car park. He glanced at the watch on his left wrist and could barely make out what the time piece displayed. Now, it dawned on him that the alcohol had begun to take its toll. Well, it hardly […]