A Question Of Reasoning

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A Question Of Reasoning I cannot recall where I was when the news reached me, but I vividly remembered running off with great haste towards the house at the village outskirts, speedily overtaking others who on account of age could not hope to match my speed. Pursued by haste I stopped not to think on the moment. It was when I crested the little hill overlooking the shack, which gained more picturesque from the stream running next to and the hills beyond, that I began to have deeper appreciation for the sudden news. By now, my breath came heavily and oily sweat crept down my fore head to sting my eyes and ran in greasy rivulets down my back. I have no idea what poise I might have struck but I do feel that it was a very absurd one, with my tawny hair plastered tight to my body. For...

The Secret of Stars (Hidden Realm of Immortals)

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The Secret of Stars (Hidden Realm of Immortals) Once upon a time, in the hidden realm of immortals, there was a spirit called Eclef. He was fair and handsome in ways unknown to words, there was no being to be found who did not look to him with admiration and respect. Eclef was also secretly loved by an angel, Yadate. Yadate had long black hair, thick and very rich; the kind that blows in the wind and her eyes were the deep blue of the Sea, a sight to behold. She was known through the land for her dark beauty but also rumours of her treacherous ways had trickled for years through the spirit realm. She knew of this, saw it in their eyes the way they shifted nervously when she appeared but she did not care. ” It is not a terrible thing to be feared”, she used to say. For years, Yada

Fire From The Gods

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Fire From The Gods He took a step towards her, his manner menacing. She did not draw back like he thought she would, an apparently frightened child. Fear shimmered like a mask on her face; she shook with it but faced dread head on. She had assessed the situation with wisdom that belied her age and came to the conclusion that escape only lies in accepting what biter fate had thrust on her young lap. A fate already sealed. In that moment of ultimate realization, she found escape, taking a route that lead painfully where he could never hope to reach. She closed her mind’s eye to his rough touch, willing stubborn body give but not partake in his desire. She took his fierce kiss, opening her mouth when his hot tongue probed her throbbing lips, parting teeth to it slide rudely in. She win

The Stranger (2)

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The Stranger: continuation Two weeks later, the man walked across a neat lawn, sidestepping elaborate tombstones and stopped by a huge iroko tree. He stood silently there and watched the couple standing together by the open grave. They were the only ones there. They held each other and mourned a child they had lost long ago. In their grief they were wondering what they had done wrong as parents as they watched their daughter being laid to rest. They hoped Mary Katherine had now found the something she spent her life searching for. The elusive something that made her turn her back on the mother and father who loved her and would have given her the world if only she had asked. So lost were they in their painful thoughts that they didn’t see the man leaning against the tree till the

The Stranger (1)

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The Stranger: She saw him for the first time that night. Sitting at a table with two men and another girl she knew, she had allowed her eyes to wander round the dark club and that was when she saw him. There was nothing remarkable about him. You could see him or miss him. That was how average looking he was. Not plain, not ugly, not handsome. Just normal. Medium height, regular everyday clothes. Yet, she stared at him. Three things grabbed her about him. One was the stillness. It was a night club after all. Loud music, loud drunks and even louder body gyrations. But he stood apart . . . , no, above it all. Not just that he wasn’t moving. It was more than that. There was an air of stillness around him. As if anything that moved close to him would be caught and frozen like the bibl

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Tree

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The Old Woman: There was an old woman who lived in a tree, she only had one child but she still did not know what to do. You see, the shoe was given to her by the CEO of the Nike shoe networks. It sprung up from a political deal between he and some local government chairman in fairy land. You see, their mayor, that is of fairyland, was a bear who enjoyed gingerbreads but the greedy bastard, he didn’t just want any ginger bread, I mean, he got all he wanted of those, he wanted the ginger bread man. I’m sure you thought that guy was dead, the gingerbread, you thought he was eaten by that fox who took him across the river, no. It was just a story and the ginger bread was collecting his dues for the story every month. It was fetching him a lot of money, you know, he had three houses, one a