The Stranger (2)

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The Stranger: continuation Two weeks later, the man walked across a neat lawn, sidestepping elaborate tombstones and stopped by a huge iroko tree. He stood silently there and watched the couple standing together by the open grave. They were the only ones there. They held each other and mourned a child they had lost long ago. In their grief they were wondering what they had done wrong as parents as they watched their daughter being laid to rest. They hoped Mary Katherine had now found the something she spent her life searching for. The elusive something that made her turn her back on the mother and father who loved her and would have given her the world if only she had asked. So lost were they in their painful thoughts that they didn’t see the man leaning against the tree till the

The Stranger (1)

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The Stranger: She saw him for the first time that night. Sitting at a table with two men and another girl she knew, she had allowed her eyes to wander round the dark club and that was when she saw him. There was nothing remarkable about him. You could see him or miss him. That was how average looking he was. Not plain, not ugly, not handsome. Just normal. Medium height, regular everyday clothes. Yet, she stared at him. Three things grabbed her about him. One was the stillness. It was a night club after all. Loud music, loud drunks and even louder body gyrations. But he stood apart . . . , no, above it all. Not just that he wasn’t moving. It was more than that. There was an air of stillness around him. As if anything that moved close to him would be caught and frozen like the bibl