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THE FLOWER GIRL EPISODE 3 The kola arrived and the prayer stammered. Chibueze declined chewing a piece given to him, rather he put it inside his pocket promising to take it home. As Obele was busy chewing his. he engaged Chibueze in further discussion. “We got the news down here that they bombed America. Is […]


THE FLOWER GIRL EPISODE 2 Obele and his family were done with the Morning Prayers and were busy doing the morning chores. Mma, as her father fondly calldd her, was not in a hurry because she had been sent home a fortnight ago from school as a result of non-payment of school fees. Her going […]


THE FLOWER GIRL EPISODE 1 Heavy rain had fallen in Oseh community that popular Nkwo market day, and it was the first rain of the year, bringing a protracted dry season to a sudden stop Chidimma was home alone. Her parents, Obele and Ndudi, had not returned from the market. Before that first rain, the.t […]

My Diary – 17th August, 2019.

My Diary – 17th August, 2019. Today I was simply my ”best”. woke up by 5.00am to the shock of everyone (that’s usually when the real sleep start). I led in morning prayers, ran the bath for my little boys and made breakfast, yes I made breakfast. Fixed my self and went to school. Today […]

A Question Of Reasoning

A Question Of Reasoning I cannot recall where I was when the news reached me, but I vividly remembered running off with great haste towards the house at the village outskirts, speedily overtaking others who on account of age could not hope to match my speed. Pursued by haste I stopped not to think on […]

Yimika “I am Here”

Yimika “I am Here” As the rain came pelting down, I just stood there soaking it all up. I could feel people staring at me as they hurried pastto the safety of shelters. I could only imagine the thoughts going through their minds, “Is this one mad?” “Must be in the early stages, she still […]

Fire From The Gods

Fire From The Gods He took a step towards her, his manner menacing. She did not draw back like he thought she would, an apparently frightened child. Fear shimmered like a mask on her face; she shook with it but faced dread head on. She had assessed the situation with wisdom that belied her age […]

The Stranger (2)

The Stranger: continuation Two weeks later, the man walked across a neat lawn, sidestepping elaborate tombstones and stopped by a huge iroko tree. He stood silently there and watched the couple standing together by the open grave. They were the only ones there. They held each other and mourned a child they had lost long […]

The Stranger (1)

The Stranger: She saw him for the first time that night. Sitting at a table with two men and another girl she knew, she had allowed her eyes to wander round the dark club and that was when she saw him. There was nothing remarkable about him. You could see him or miss him. That […]

The Unforgiven Trespass

The Unforgiven Trespass: “… You’re beginning to add weight, you know?” At this, I cringed inwardly; “There she goes again” I thought to myself and pretended not to hear what my mum had just said. This was supposed to be a happy Sunday; couldn’t there be a respite from this continuous shredding of my spirit […]