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The Cause of Husbands

The Cause of Husbands: It was their misery party. As a ritual, the three friends met at least once a month for it. Isioma, the media consultant with a PR and advertising firm, who had made her way through life by her wits and beauty. Indeed it was a little known fact at her office […]

The gods’ Of Fate (chi) 1

The gods’ Of Fate (chi) 1: The Igbos believe… ‘Why did the gods see it fit to make me pregnant and give me false hope if the babies they see it fit to give me all come and die without seeing the end of the four market days’, Ekemma said. She sat upon a huge […]

The Hunter

The Hunter: The children were gathered around a small square wooden table located at the center of the room. The room was poorly lit; the only source of the light was a lit candle placed in the middle of the only other table in the room. The flickering light from the candle cast a muted […]