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Yimika “I am Here”

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Yimika “I am Here” As the rain came pelting down, I just stood there soaking it all up. I could feel people staring at me as they hurried pastto the safety of shelters. I could only imagine the thoughts going through their minds, “Is this one mad?” “Must be in the early stages, she still has clean clothes on and shoes too!” “Where is her family? They had better come and pick her up before she degenerates” “What a wicked world this is, such a beautiful lady” And so on they must be thinking. But I cared less as I just stood there with outstretched arms, willing the rain to wash me clean. Why did I go there? I saw the signs, why didn’t I stop, but like the proverbial stubborn dog bound to get lost, I ignored the hunter’s whistle. Yimika was the most handsome man I had ever

The Stranger (2)

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The Stranger: continuation Two weeks later, the man walked across a neat lawn, sidestepping elaborate tombstones and stopped by a huge iroko tree. He stood silently there and watched the couple standing together by the open grave. They were the only ones there. They held each other and mourned a child they had lost long ago. In their grief they were wondering what they had done wrong as parents as they watched their daughter being laid to rest. They hoped Mary Katherine had now found the something she spent her life searching for. The elusive something that made her turn her back on the mother and father who loved her and would have given her the world if only she had asked. So lost were they in their painful thoughts that they didn’t see the man leaning against the tree till the

The gods’ Of Fate (chi) 1

The gods' Of Fate (chi) 1: The Igbos believe... ‘Why did the gods see it fit to make me pregnant and give me false hope if the babies they see it fit to give me all come and die without seeing the end of the four market days’, Ekemma said. She sat upon a huge bed made out of bamboo sticks with her feet planted firmly on the ground, her back bent in the agony of near birth. Watching his first wife, Odogwu hissed and shook his head sadly. he hated to see his wife in such a condition, everytime they laid together as husband and wife, he prayed so hard for the gods to spare her the agony of pregnancy.he had sworn to marry only one wife, but Ekemma’s children kept dying, one after the other,and even though noone had said it openly,he could hear the whispers and the voices spoken behind the ea

The Hunter

The Hunter: The children were gathered around a small square wooden table located at the center of the room. The room was poorly lit; the only source of the light was a lit candle placed in the middle of the only other table in the room. The flickering light from the candle cast a muted glow on the face of each occupant of the room. There were four of them; three boys and a girl, and their ages varied from sixteen to nineteen. The first boy had a mole on the right side his lips likewise the girl sitting next to him. The similarities in the outline of their faces betrayed the fact that they were siblings. The second boy had a thin scabbed lesion running from the right side of his eye to his right side of his mouth. The third boy stood out for he was the best looking amongst the three...