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Yimika “I am Here”

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Yimika “I am Here” As the rain came pelting down, I just stood there soaking it all up. I could feel people staring at me as they hurried pastto the safety of shelters. I could only imagine the thoughts going through their minds, “Is this one mad?” “Must be in the early stages, she still has clean clothes on and shoes too!” “Where is her family? They had better come and pick her up before she degenerates” “What a wicked world this is, such a beautiful lady” And so on they must be thinking. But I cared less as I just stood there with outstretched arms, willing the rain to wash me clean. Why did I go there? I saw the signs, why didn’t I stop, but like the proverbial stubborn dog bound to get lost, I ignored the hunter’s whistle. Yimika was the most handsome man I had ever