Igwe Odumesi had visited Obele’s house and was chatting with Obele by the time Chidimma returned from Madam Onyii’s house. That had been the third visit of Igwe Odumesi since the commencement of the marriage plan between Chidimma and his son NdUka, Who was his only son.

The purpose of that visit was to put Obele’s house in good shape and as well grade the access road leading to Obele’s house in preparation for hosting the visitor who would come from far and near.

Obele still wanted to make something clear and then he asked. “Igwe, si-si-since the planning of this marriage, yu-yu-your son Nduka has not returned home. He has not seen Mma my daughter and Mma has not seen him nai-nai-neither, how then do we think that the two will agree to live tu-tu-tu-together by the time they meet each other?”

Igwe replied thus, “AS for Nduka my son  he has seen and heard everything about Chidimma.”

“How and where?”

“My daughter Ngozi, who often travels abroad with her husband has sent Chidimma’s photograph to him. She has also made a collection of video tapes of all Chidimma’s outings and performances which included her recent victory at Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Ukoli. Nduka who was said to have watched those tapes has finally agreed that he would many Chidimma.”

“But what about my daughter? That’s the case now. Last time I spoke with her, it took me some time to convince her though she later agreed. Even now that she just returned from errand, they way she greeted us is quite unlike her. I saw it written all over her that she is not happy.”

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“Don’t mind her. Women cannot do without their usual making of iyanga especially when the issue of marriage is raised before them, By the time she sees my son. She will definitely like him. After all who will not like to have a rich man as a husband especially in this hard time?”

“I wonder! And that’s what everyone is praying for.”

Chidimma had just entered the scene to remove the saucer Obele had used to offer kolanut to Igwe. Seeing her approaching, they paused a bit. Chidinima later left the scene with the saucer and the discussion continued.

“In the olden days, in fact. When I married my own wife, I did not know my wife and my wife did not know me until after our union. She had not know the ABC of sex by that time.

By then if you approached a lady, she be afraid of standing alone with you, but today ladies wear pants and bra on the streets of Enugu and Onitsha looking for men to seduce. When we went for the meeting of traditional rulers. one lady in pants and bra held Me with her hand and begged me to …”

Aru! lgwe did you…?”


“You are the real son of your ancestors.”

“So don’t bother about your daughter. She has not seen such light because I know she has not left the shores of this locality.”

“It is alright, Igwe. I have equally given my consent. But one point my daughter raised was that she wants whoever that will marry her to send her to university.”


“That one is a small thing. Nduka my son has a lot of money to send your daughter even to Cambridge.”

“I am equally happy to hear this. So what is the next thing now?”

“The next thing is that my son wants your house to have good look on the day of wine carrying ceremony. As you know the date has been fixed and I have equally communicated it to him. He then told me that he would be coming home with some white men for the igha-nkwu ceremony.”

O ga-adikwa kpoo kpoo,” amazed Obere.

“It is going to be great because that will be the first time foreigners will be visiting this community. So I have arranged for contractor that will renovate this house from A to Z.”

Both lgwe and Obele agreed that the work on his compound which was expected to consume a king’s ransom would commence in a fortnight’s time. The dialogue over and Igwe Odumesi left Ohele’s house gleefully.

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