Maazi Mbachu was among the elders that were not happy with Igwe Odumesi’s action. He together with Ichie Obuda, was among the elders that accompanied Obele back to his house. The two elders were also among few elders of Oseh who could talk and look straight at Igwe’s face. And they talked from nineteen to the dozen about Igwe Odumesi.

“I think this town has taken enough from him.” Mbachu stated.

“Certainly we have taken enough. Everyone knows that it is as a result of royalty and honour does a cow lot low its owner for it does not mean that the owner will be able to carry it refuses to go. The death that kills a dog does not give him room to perceive the smell of faeces,” said Ichie Obuda angrily.

 “There is a saying that it is when one kills a lamb that he be shown the owner. I will definitely make Igwe know that I am a lion and that he has touched my tail by humiliating my brother, Obele for no just cause. Therefore, Igwe has to face a fusillade questions by the time the next cabinet’s meeting will be convened” said Mbachu

 “Let the dog make no mistakes of tampering with a diviner’s bag so that the diviner will not make the mistake of cursing the dog. Igwe is really looking for my trouble.” an irritated Ichie Obuda said

On their way back. Obele did not say a word. He was thinking about the incident and wondered why Igwe could be so ruthless to him. When Obele got to his house, he took his bath, changed his clothes and later joined the elders, some of whom had waited to see that he had settled down very well before leaving for their houses.

“I thank all of you for coming to my aid,” appreciated Obele

 “I want you not to take it easy as we elders continue to look into this matter,” advised Mbachu.

“But how did you people come to know about this?” asked Obele.

 “I was returning from the farm when I saw your daughter running fast to my house. Immediately she told me that, I alerted some elders who joined me to Igwe’s palace,” narrated Mbachu.

“But for goodness sake, is marriage done by force?” Obele wondered.

“But what he told us was that you refused to obey his order by not coming to answer his call.” said one other elder in their midst.

“I never refused his order. To go and answer Igwe’s call is not what you can leave your house in a hurry. You have prepared yourself very well and put your house in order because your return may not be so quick,” explained Obele.

 “Oh, as if you knew! Dbn’t mind Igwe, he is a man know too well. He is always fond of trouble,” said Ichie Obuda.

 “I suggest you take this daughter of yours out of this town because I still sense some dangers,” advised Omeile, the eldest t in their midst.

“That is true; is there any where outside the shores of Oseh where you will hide your daughter?” asked Mhachu.

 ‘Yes. There is one teacher of hers whom I know will agree to keep her in her house,” replied Obele.

“How well do you know her?” asked Ichie Obuda.

“She taught my daughter in the primary school Her name is Madam Onyii and she hails from Okpe.

“Yes, Okpe is a good community,” replied Omeile.

“But our Igwe and that of Okpe are not in good terms. Said Mbachu.

Confused about that assertion. Obele asked. “What the bone of contention between the two traditional rulers?”

 “It started as far back as the colonial era. It happen that each community in this local government council was given huge amount of money through their traditional rulers to build one primary school and one secondary school in their communities. Some traditional rulers Collected the money and refused to use for the projects. Igwe Odumesi Was among the traditional ruler refused to carry out his own projects.

This was not disclosed to us and we didn’t know when such projects were approved and how much was involved. But when we saw some communities around us like Ukoli and Okpe building both primary schools and secondary schools at the same time. We were compelled to visit those towns to know the source of the finance for such gigantic projects, and we were told by Igwe of Okpe that our community was among those that benefited from the projects.

We came back and Interrogated our Igwe and he later accepted collecting such money. It was after our agitation which almost caused him his seat that he appealed to we elders to forgive him that he had used part of the money to send his son Nduka overseas,” replied Omeile.

“That was not all about Igwe Odumesi,” said Ichie Obuda.

 ‘When the missionaries first came down to this area Oseh was the first place they settled because of the cool nature of our environment, but it was Igwe Odumesi that gave them ultimatum to leave his territory.

He did that when the colonialists approached him for a piece of land to build their church. He told them that he never wanted them in this community not to talk of erecting a church in Oseh.

When the missionaries delayed in leaving the community, he used the Apiapia masquerade of Oseh to drive them away and they later settled in Ukoli. Now go to Ukoli and see how developed it is. Ukoli accepted the missionaries and now they have seen the light. And anything that will come to us from government must pass through Ukoli.

History has it that Ukoli and other towns were depending on us especially for food in the olden days because of our fertile land. In fact, Oseh is older than Ukoli historically. Our forefathers left us with a history that Ukoli we are seeing today was a settlement of the descendant of one of sons of Oseh.

Historically, Ukoli is our child but Christianity, which we rejected and which Ukoli accepted, has made us inferior to them,” narrated Omeile.

“God will not forgive Igwe Odumesi if ever he did something like that,” said Obele.

The truth was that Igwe Odumesi did not give Christianity chance early enough to enter into Oseh community. Few Christian in Oseh either trekked to Okpe or Ukoli for church services. Obele and his family were attending a church at Ukoli before St. Andrew’s Anglican Church was founded. That was followed by St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Oseh.

So, late arrival of churches in Oseh truly contributed to the poor state of development in the community. Whatever thing government released to Oseh community always went into Igwe Odumesi’s pocket. That’s why his children always travelled overseas as if it is Oghete Main market; He equally built wonderful mansions in his compound. There were so many evil things Igwe Odumesi did to the people of Oseh which they did not know about.

 Igwe Odumesi was the only one driving car in Oseh and the only accessible road in Oseh was the one that terminated into his compound.

Madam Onyii accepted to keep Chidimma in her house and Chidimma packed her bagged and baggage and relocated to Okpe where she stayed for a period of six months.

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