Reports had gotten to Nduka about the state of things at home and he decided to return home to take ‘necessary’ actions. Nduka was the only son of Igwe’s legally married wife, though them were other children born to Igwe by most of his concubines.

During his infancy, Nduka was a very reckless and stubborn child roaming about the village causing one havoc to the other. So many people had during that time reported about the missing of their livestock which they believed Nduka to be the prime suspect. All these reports had gone to the Igwe, but he did nothing about it.

Truly, Igwe was not happy about his son’s wrong doing but was not willing to accept it publicly. He personally had warned his son to desist from such act but it continued getting worse. Nduka always insulted elders and Ichies of Oseh community even at times under the very eyes of the Igwe.

Though lgwe was indeed a brave man, before his children, he often displayed a wishy-washy attitude. At times Nduka would not mind insulting his father in the public and Igwe would not do anything about that.

Some people had often said that Nduka’s attitude was the God’s punishment to Igwe Oduemesi for all the evil things he had done to Oseh people. The worst of it all was when Nduka shot his catapult at his classroom teacher which nearly claimed one of his eyes.

As Igwe could no longer bear that, he used the public fund in his possession to send his son out of the country. He originally sent him to Europe, precisely, Germany.

Nduka ‘s mission to Germany was to study which he did not do for one second. Rather he squandered the whole money and began to cause trouble in the city of Berlin. He was arrested and jailed. When he finished his jail term, he was deported back to Nigeria.

While still in Lagos, his father gathered a lot of money through his usual fraudulent means and used the money to send Nduka to South Africa where he said he wanted to relocate to.

Nduka did not give his father any reason why he chose to live in South Africa and his father did not hesitate in sending him to South Africa.

 When Nduka got to South Africa, he joined drug peddlers and began to sell cocaine and other hard drugs in the streets. He told his father that he was in the South Africa doing clearing and forwarding. But the fact remained that Nduka was nothing but a rogue in South Africa.

While in South Africa he joined a gang of rotten apples who often duped, maimed or killed people secretly before making away with their money. Nduka and some of his colleagues were living in hotel rooms in South Africa.

He did not have a house of his own in South Africa, neither did he have residential address. They used to move from one hotel to another so that the security agents would not easily trace them.

People in Oseh knew that Nduka lived in South Africa, but the business which Nduka was doing in South Africa was not clear to them. About three or two times he returned from South Africa before the incident that finally nailed him, people were often thrilled by his life style.

He used to make a jerry curl on his hair, and often wore earrings and looked big in his baggy trousers. His habit of eating and drinking much made ladies flock around him.

He hardly returned home but each time he did return home, he hardly spent up to a week at home and the amount of money he would spend in that short period of time would be enough to feed a big family for one year.

Some young boys had abandoned their education and followed Nduka out of the country in search of their greener pastures. Their parents too wanted them to make money quickly. It was when he took those boys to South Africa and got them introduced to his business that they would regret ever following them.

With so many people he had taken to the South, Nduka had become a big boss. He always stayed at home as his boys paraded the street of Johannesburg doing the business they had recieved training for.

The way Nduka and his gang of robbers used gun was like the way professors use pen. Some of those boys had lost their lives in the process but Nduka would send their corpses home and fabricate one lie or the other which he often told their parents.

There were some whose bodies never returned to Oseh.

Even though some of those boys lost their lives, there were still some few who returned home great men just like Nduka. Some parents carried rumour around that Nduka used their children for money ritual, the reason why Ndudi never wanted her daughter to get married to him.

Nduka had returned home for war as he believed that there was nothing he needed in Oseh which he could not get. His mission was to either kill Chidimma or marry her.

He and his gang of robbers really prepared for war as they stormed Oseh community one early morning.




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