Madam Caro did not waste time in accepting to accommodate Chidimma in her house because she was a very good child.

Chidimma was in the class when the Senior Prefect came in to call her. There was no teacher in the class by the time Sunday, the Senior Prefect, entered JS 1 c. Chidimma, the class prefect knocked on her desk and everybody stood up.

 “Good day senior,” greeted the students.

“Good day students, how are?” replied the senior prefect.

“We are very well, thank you.

“Get seated.” And they all sat down.

“Who is the prefect of this class?”

“I am!” Chidimma stood up.

 “Was this class swept today?”

“Yes senior.”

“It is not true.”


Chidimma kept quiet but still standing up, looking at him

“Why all these pieces of papers here and there?”

“Senior, they were dropped now by some of those student in the front role by the time we were doing fine art project, replied one of the students.

“And what did you do?” looking at Chidimma.

“ it is just now that the teacher left the class.”

“What is your name?”

“My name is Chidimma  Obele”

“Are you Chidimma from Oseh?”

“Yes. senior.”

“Oya, run to Madam Caro’s office immediately.

 “Senior please. I am sorry. Let me pick them myself said Chidimma.

“I said run! Come on start running!” ordered the senior prefect.

 Chidimma ran out of the classroom with fear that Madam Caro would punish her for not keeping the class tidy.

 “Oya, everybody, getup. Look around you and pick any piece of paper around you. Start picking them up immediately!”

All students got up and did as ordered. They dropped them inside the class’ waste paper basket. Within seconds, they all got back to their seats.  

“I have warned you that I don’t want to see any piece of paper my class in this school. If this repeats itself in this class, I will deal with all of you. That reminds me; it appears that you tadpoles have not had your tails amputated. I think I will do that soon,” said the prefect as he left the class.

In Community Secondary School Okpe, it was never a good news to any student whenever one is asked to go and answer Madam Caro in her office. So it was to Chidimma When senior prefect gave her such order that day. On her way to the office. She was a bag of nerves and wondered what would happen to her there.

When Chidimma came into Madam Caro’s office and saw her guardian, she heaved a sigh of relief and said in her mind, “I thank God I am safe!’ When she then walked in and greeted both madams. Madam Onyii saw that Chidimma was looking chirpy, a condition that made her believe that she had not heard anything about what was happening in her home.

“Please after School, I will like you to stay back. Don’t come home today. I will bring your clothes here so that you will stay with Madam Caro for some days.”

“So Chidimma, you can now go back to your class. After school, meet me in my house.”

Chidimma  did not say anything as she left Madam Caro’s office. It was not only that she was confused but what was going on in her mind was different entirely. Chidimma thought that the encounter between her and Ukene had reached Madam Onyii’s ear. And that she decided to send her packing.

Ukene had insisted that he must have an affair with Chidimma. He had tried every means in order to achieve his desire but he found it very difficult to get what he wanted. Since Ukene fell in love with Chidimma, he suddenly began to show her unusual favour.

Sometime ago, when Chidimma returned from school, he was surprised to meet Ukene at home. Immediately Chidimma entered the house, Ukene called her and gave her a bag that contained some unknown items.

“Take this bag, open it, whatever you see there belongs to you,” said Ukene.

“Thank you sir,” greeted Chidimma.

As Chidimma wanted to move with the bag, Ukene called her back and said, “No, don’t go out. Stay here and open it.” Chidimma emptied the bag on a sofa and began to pick up the items: pants, skirt, top, powder, bra, and an envelope.

“Open the envelop first,” instructed Ukene.

Chidimma opened the envelop and saw N150, an amount more than her school fees. With this, Chidimma was surprised. She stood mute for sometime mindless of the reason why such money should be given to her.

“Sir, I can’t understand. What am I going to do with this big money?”

“You have to spend it.”

“Maybe I should give it to madam because I heard when she was quarrelling with you in the morning about giving her the money for soup preparation. She demanded for N50 from you but you said you didn’t have any money. Where then did you get this one from?”

“Stop asking too many questions. Keep the money and buy whatever you need.”  

“No, let me go and give it to madam,” said Chidimma as she wanted to move out of the parlour.

Ukene dragged her back and said, “Madam is not around.”

Chidimma was afraid, “Where did she go to? Has she not returned from school?”

“she  has but left for Umah”.

“What about Ugonna and his brothers?”

“They all left with their mother.”

“All of them? Chidiinma’s fear became intense.

“Just relax. I will take care of you.”

“When are they coming back?”

“I don’t think they are coming back today because the journey to Umah takes almost a day on foot.”

“Jesus Christ of Nazareth save me from this man “ prayed Chidimma secretly deep inside her heart.

“Now Chidimma, I want you to take off you school uniform and begin to put on these wears I bought for you one after the other.”

“Okay, let me go inside and do that.”

“No! I want to see you do it here. I don’t even mind i helping you.”

“No, uncle, please, allow me to go inside and change my clothes. Changing my clothes here in your presence is not good, It is tempting. Please I beg you in the name of God.”

“Tempting? But that’s what I want. Will you begin to do it or do you want me to do it myself.”

“Please, I am begging you. Have mercy upon me. I don’t want to do anything against my wish as a child of God.”

“Will you.. .”


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