Madam Onyii’s voice was heard outside as she made a `shhh’ sound to chase away a foul which was feeding on the corns she spread outside. Ukene hurriedly packed everything inside the bag and asked Chidimma to go inside her room with it. Chidimma refused collecting the bag as she walked into her room sobbing. Ukene took the bag away and both pretended that nothing ever happened.

“Chidimma! shouted Madam Onyii when she entered the room.

Ukene left the house through the back door and suddenly entered through the front door to meet with Madam Onyii.

 “Why did you come back? Where are the children?”

“Oh! Are you still in the house? I thought you have gone back to the workshop. The children are waiting for me somewhere I forgot that Chidimma is supposed to have followed us.”

Amazed by such statement, he asked, “For what? Who will prepare my food if all of you leave?”

 “I have prepared the food. And everything is intact.”

 “No, I need someone to be doing one or two things for me till you come back tomorrow.”

“In that case, let me tell Ugonna to come back.”

“Why not Chidimma?”

“There is something she will help me do in Umah.”

“Then let Ugonna do it.”

“It is not what Ugonna can do. I want Chidimma to do it.”

“For goodness sake, I am the head of the house, therefore, I am the one that will say who can stay with me. Chidimma will stay with me.”

“Mind you that Chidimma was given to me by her parents not to you.”

“And what if I say I don’t want her any longer in my house, what will you do?”

“Well until you say so. For now Chidimma is going to Umah with me. In fact, I am leaving Ugonna and his brothers behind only me and Chidimma that will go.”

“Don’t worry, all of you can go. I think I can stay alone.”

“Thank you very much for the understanding.”

Chidimma was very happy that she was leaving the house with madam onyii. She thanked God for saving her but failed to expose the evil intension of Ukene and Madam Onyii was not aware of what happened.

On that very morning when the fight erupted in Oseh. Chidimma was the last to leave for school that day. Ukene was also hovering around like a kite aiming at a baby chicken. When Chidimma had finished bathing and was about coming out of the bathroom. She opened the door and suddenly saw Ukene behind  the door.

“How long have you been here?” asked Chidimma.

“Since you poured the first water on your body. I have been here. Baby you are beautiful  and your beauty dey make me simiri simiri for bodi,”  replied Ukene libidinously.

Chidimma avoided him and moved into her room. When she entered her room, she locked her door very well. Ukene later followed her to the room but unfortunately the door was locked. He banged on the door for so many times even trying tobreak the door but Chidimma refused to open it. Chidimma had finished dressing up and was, ready to go to school but ukene’s action became a great barrier. And she then decided to stay back. Ukene threatened chidimma that if she refuse to open the door, he would order his wife to send her back home.

Such empty threat did not move Chidimma who had lain on the bed peacefully praying to God to come to her aid once more.

 A woman who was passing-by heard the continuous bang at the door and decided to breeze in and know what the matter was. The woman was their neighbor who was living very close to their house. As a matter of fact, she was a relation of Agudosi, the Ukene’s landlord. But Agudosi rented out the house due to the fact that he and his family were living abroad. When Ukene saw the woman coming, he quietly left the door and pretended as if he had done nothing. When Chidimma heard the old woman’s voice, she then ran quickly out of the house and headed for school.


Chidimma no doubt had accepted living with Madam Caro. When the school closed for the day, Chidimma took her school bag to Madam Caro’s house. By the time she entered the house, Madam Caro had not returned from school. She was still moving around the school to ensure that the day-studentS had all gone home; and also to-be sure that the boarders had all left the classrooms to the area where the school hostel was built.

Madam Caro was used to such daily routine work because some male and female student’s were used to staying back in twos for love charts in some classrooms which would at times lead to sexual relationship. At times the Male senior students would hold back the female junior students and intimidate them into sexual acts which had-led into many cases of unwanted pregnancies.

When Chidimma entered Madam Caro’s house, she met only Madam Caro’s first son whose name was Maduka. Maduka had just finished his SSCE exam and had been at home for months waiting for the outcome of the university entrance examination which he had also taken. On seeing Chidimma, he was arrested by her intimidating beauty. No sooner had entered than Maduka engaged her into a tete-a-tete.

“It’s like you are looking for my mother?” asked Maduka who had warmly offered her a good seat.

 “Not quite, I have come to live with you.”

Surprised as he made a sign of cross on his face. Maduka further asked, “With me or with my mum?”

Laughing, Chidimma replied, “Not with you in particular but with you in general.”

“I see!” said Maduka as he began to admire the God’s given beauty.

“Please where is Madam Caro?”

“She has not returned from school.”

“Are you alone here?”

 “Yes, I am alone.”

“it’ alright. In that case, I have to go and come back by the time she returns,” Chidimma as she got up to go.

Rushing after her Maduka said, “No, don’t go. Wait for her, for she will soon be back.”

 “Don’t worry, I will come back. I don’t feel comfortable staying with alone with a man.”

“Why?” asked Maduka looking at chidimma’s rosy cheeks.

 “Don’t bother, you may not understand,” insisted Chidimma as she left the house. Maduka gaped at Chidimma as she left the house. A lot of thoughts began to fly into his head.

‘The seemingly partiality of God is so open on this creature. That means that every other persons created on that same day must be very ugly because this girl collected all the beauty allotted for day’s creatures’.

Looking unto heaven, maduka prayed. “Please God, I want You to forgive me for this sins which I am ready to commit in this house because I don’t think I can resist this temptation which is about coming my way because nwata a bu anu oriri.


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