The second and third periods in the school time table were free periods and Chidimma had gone to the school library to read. Community Secondary School, Okpe, had a gigantic school library with modem facilities. Being one of the few pilot schools in Anab State, the school library was one of the biggest libraries in the state. Government had equally provided all the required textbooks in the library thereby providing good opportunity for serious minded students.

Chidimma often went to the library during free periods. She used to borrow some textbooks especially those she didn’t have. Chidimma was not any easy-catch, So many male students who had wished to have her as their girl abounded but the problems remained where and how to get her. Chidimma was not used to hanging or loitering about but was always staying in the classroom.

There was a male student named Ikenna who was in SS 2. He had noticed chidimma right from her day one in that school but being a shy type, he had not summoned enough courage to tell Chidimma his feelin’s. Ikenna was the son of the catechist of St Timothy’s Anglican Church, Okpe, and everyone knew him very well because his father often came to Community secondary school, Okpe, every Thursday to conduct Moral Instruction for Anglican students. The Community Secondary School, okpe, also shared a  common boundary with St Timothy’s Anglican church.

Ikenna was already in the library when Chidimma entered. As if God had answered his prayer, Chidimma walked a long distance and sat at the seat next to him.

“Good morning senior,” Chidimma greeted.

“Good morning aunty, sorry, student, how are you. replied Ikenna who was visibly nervous.

Chidimma did not reply neither did she talk to him any longer having been conversant with the library rules. Ikenna could not read again because he had lost concentration, rather he was adjusting himself steadily on his seat as if he was having problem with his buttocks. Chidimma had a test on Christian Religious Knowledge and entered the library to go through her notes to get herself adequately prepared for the test.

So, mindless of what Ikenna was passing through, Chidimma was busy with her book. At a time, Chidimma wanted to write something but her pen fell on the ground. Nduka rushed for the pen, picked it from the ground and handed it over to Chidimma.

“Thanks,” Chidimma greeted.

“Don’t mention.” Chidimma’s attention had returned to her book but Ikenna had continued stealing some glances.

“My name is Ikenna.”

Chidimma did not talk but was serious reading her book. It seemed to Ikenna as if Chidimma did not hear him. He raised his voice a bit.

“I am Ikenna by name!” said kerma, tapping Chidimma with his right hand.

“Please, that is not necessary! I didn’t ask for your name, senior,” replied Chidimma.

Both kept silent as Chidimma continued reading her books while Ikenna’s heart continued throbbing. What was going on in his mind was how to start off again knowing fully well that his first attempt had failed him. He thought for a while but could not come up with any better statement he should use to get Chidimma’s attention again. As he couldn’t come up with any better idea of what to say. he decided to take a risk.

“Baby, I love you,” submitted Ikenna, tapping her tenderly.

Chidimma was not comfortable with that, She got embarrassed with such statement. She wanted to react but later decided to pretend that she did not hear anything or being touched by any individual. She then continued reading her book though she had begun to lose her concentration gradually as a result of disturbances she was receiving from Ikenna.

“Baby, it’s you! am talking to. Can you be my girlfriend?” pleaded Ikenna, touching Chidimma gently as if he was caressing her skin.

 That finally got Chidimma irritated and she reacted swiftly, `Please leave me alone! You are disturbing me for goodness sake. Please stay on your own, Stop talking or touching me!” The pitch of Chidimma’s voice was a bit high and that attracted the attention of all the students in the library. Ikenna looked around and saw that all eyes were on him, and he became shy but was very clever enough to save his face from that shameful disposition.

 He replied in a loud voice to only God knows whom, “I will not leave you alone until you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour.

Everybody was, confused, including Chidimma who decided to leave the library for her classroom. On her way back to the class, a female student named Chinonso ran after her.

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