The fight in Oseh was getting tougher. Nduka and his gang were pursued back to the palace. More people from other communities were joining in the war to subdue them. On getting to the palace, Nduka and his group secured their refuge there, while the crowd were trying to force themselves into the palace. Igwe had earlier before the arrival of the crowd ordered his security men to guard the palace gate and ensure that no one entered his, palace. Igwe had also before the arrival of the crowd escaped from the palace through the back gate for fear of being tortured, probably, to death by the fuming crowd.

When Igwe fled the palace, he made straight to Ukoli Police Station to lodge a complaint that his town was in crisis. With the way Igwe Odumesi reported the incident, the DPO of Ukoli Police Station, Mr Thompson, saw that such unrest was not what his police station could tackle, he therefore, alerted Police State Headquarters Enugu for more reinforcement.

Deployment of policemen from the state headquarters was quick enough and Igwe Odumesi was told to make statement. As he wasn’t lettered, he was asked to present his case viva voce while the police officer put them down in black and white.

“What is your name’?” asked the police officer who had become set with his pen and paper.

“My name is Igwe Odumesi.”

“You come from where?” asked the officer as he was Writing down the answer to his previous question.

“I am a native of Oseh.”

“In which local government area, sir.”

“Mmaita Local Government Area.”

“Anab State?”

“Yes, Anab State.”  

“How old are you sir?”

” I am sixty five years old.”

 “Are you a male or female, sir?”

” You police men can’t stop asking funny questions. Do I resemble a woman?’

” Sir, you know that what I write here is what you tell me to write.”

Okay, I am a man.

It was indeed a Herculean task putting down the Igwe Oduemesi’s statements as he tried remember every bit of thing that happened in his community and so many people were indicted by mentioning their names.

 “So what is the name of that son of yours?” asked the officer.

“His name is Nduka.”

 “Nduka! Nduka who!” surprised the officer.

“Nduka my son”

“I mean what is his surname” worried the officer as he looked at the information on the notice board.

“ Nduka odumesi.”

 The officer hurriedly concluded the statement and presented it to Igwe Odumesi who also signed without thinking deeper about curiosity displayed by the officer. The journey began  and they were armed to the teeth.

At Igwe Odumesi’s palace, fight was very much in progress as the security men attached to igwe odumesi had joined forces with Nduka’s group to fight the restive mob. A lot of gunshots were fired into the air to disperse them and in the process many were wounded. As the wounded ones were taken away, more people were joining the crowd from far and near, thereby increasing the size of the crowd.

At a time, Nduka’s group was subdued when they had exhausted all their bullets. And the crowd made a swift entrance into the palace. But before they could reach them, Nduka’s gang had escaped through the fencing wall. Nduka was not fast enough to jump the wall because of his heavy body. And they captured him by hand, alive. They tied him strongly with rope and beat the hell out of him.

 “You are going to eat the meat of these people you have killed. And you must eat them raw,” said one of the young men that captured him.

The arrival of the heavily armed policemen brought the situation under control as they ordered everyone to lay down their arms. In their midst was lgwe Odumesi who showed them direction to the scene.

“Where is Mr Nduka Odumesi?” asked the inspector of police.

“Here is he,” replied a young man who was still holding him firmly by his hand to prevent the possibility of him taking to his heels.

“Apart from this current case, you are also under arrest for a bank robbery in South Africa that took the lives of over ten people including a Nigerian and also different cases of drug trafficking, rape, scamming, 419 and other related offences. The South African Police had earlier placed your name on wanted list with a handsome award of $1000 to anyone who could give any useful information that can lead to your arrest. The offences attract capital punishment. You are going to follow us to the station as you are to help us with other useful information on how to capture other members of your gang.”

Everywhere was calm as the entire Oseh people were thrown into quagmire. For Nduka, their son and their blood of whom they looked upon to lead them in future to be associated with such crimes was a big morass to the community. Igwe, who could not believe his eyes when he saw his only son being taken away, slumped and fainted. One of the policemen carried him back to Ukoli and got him admitted at Ukoli Health Centre where he was later confirmed dead of heart attack.

Following the death of Igwe Odumesi and the arrest of his only son who should have taken over the mantle of lgweship of Oseh community, the seat remained vacant for a very long period of time as no one knew whether Nduka was still alive of not.

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