It was Saturday afternoon and madam caro had gone to eke okpe to buy some condiments. Chidimma was at the sitting room reading her book when Maduka entered. Maduka had been making every frantic effort to get chidimma’s back down but all were to no avail. So when he saw that madam Caro had gone out to the market, he decided to chance his arm again. When he entered inside the parlour, he went straight to the video machine and slotted in pornographic movie. Chidimma paid less attention to it as she was busy reading her book.

“Chy baby, bring your book here, let me teach you some Mathematics,” said Maduka.

“Thanks. I don’t think I need any help now,” replied Chidimma instantly.

“So, Chidimma, do you mean what you told me yesterday?”

“What did I tell you?”

“You told me that you are still a virgin.”

“Yes, I am and I don’t want to break it now.”

“I don’t believe it.”

 “I mean it seriously.”

“It is a lie. Chidimma. you are lying. I know it that you are no longer a virgin.”

“How do you know?”

“I will not tell you.”

“You sound very funny.”


 “How can you tell me that you know my body more than I do?”

“If it is true that you are still a virgin, I will give you a gift you will never forget.”

 “Gift like what?”

 “I mean something you can never forget in your life.”

 “Oya begin to provide them now because I am still a virgin as you are speaking to me now.”

Maduka had succeeded in making Chidimma to drop her book. Chidimma’s eyes were then fixed on the television and Maduka used the remote control to raise the volume a bit higher.

 “So, if you want my gift, then you have to prove your claim.”


“I want you to prove it to me that you are still a virgin.”

 “I mean how should I do that?”

“You have to show it to me.”

“Show you what?”

Maduka began to laugh.

 “What is funny about it? Answer my question,” insisted Chidimma with a serious look at Maduka.

“I want you to remove your pants, open your private part and let me check if you are still a virgin or not…”

Chidimma got up angrily from the sofa and went inside her room. She bolted the door after her and began to cry. Maduka over heard Chidimma crying but there was no entrance to get to her. After a while, Chidimma came out with her bag and ran out of the house. Where was she heading to? Should she go back to Madam Onyii’s house and face her randy husband again or should she go back to her father’s house in Oseh where she had been warned never to step into.

Later, she decided that home remained the best option than to be humiliated against her wishes. She prayed to God to save her and protect her life.

Chidimma did not know anything about the incident that happened in oseh few days ago. Madam Onyii whose responsibility was to take care of chidimma was not aware of Chidimma’s intension to return to neither was madam caro aware that chidimma had escape. All Ndudi and Obele knew was that Chidimma was in the safe hands of Madam Onyii and they were not yet prepared to receive Chidimma back home as they awaited for the dust to settle.

On getting to Oseh, the people of Oseh rushed chidimma and basked in euphoria of jubilations they beat the drum and danced all the way to Obele’s house. Chidimma could not understand what the matter was. Also, parents were surprised to have seen her return without her consent. In fact there was a great jubilation in Obele’s house about the sudden return of Chidimma.

When everything had calmed down and the people dispersed, Obele took Chidimma in and told her the entire story. Chidimma also told her parents her own story and the family were happy that they had been united once again.


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The story continues in another title: She is Beautiful

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