The rain came early in April, the weather was cold (due to the rain) and questions about the previous night was hovering the air. The place was filled with people jostling for firsthand information.

The police were everywhere searching for the best and possible report from anyone who was willing to give.

Bishop’s Statement

At about 3am on the 4th of April 2012, I heard screams that woke me up. The noise was coming from my neighbours compound. I called my friends and the security around, but they wouldn’t interfere at that ungodly hour. So, I decided to go and see if I could help. I guess I was late, because on getting there Mr. Fakumo was already in a pool of blood

Mrs. Fakumo’s Statement

My husband came back late at about 2am on that day. I asked him where he was coming from; instead of giving me an answer, he slapped me and said he has been hearing stories of my infidelity. I told him not to turn tables and give me an answer instead he started beating me to tell him the truth. He kept on beating me with no intention of stopping. So, I decided to run in a bid to defend myself.

I told him not to come closer, but he wouldn’t listen, I had no choice than to shoot. I did not intend to kill him


The Salon

At about noon on a Saturday, the salon was filled with different ladies (high classed) who were either already in the dryer or making their hair and nails. Just as their hair was being made, their lips were not left out as they were entangled in both gossips and discussions. There was a trio of interest who were not like the others. Their conversation was in a low tone as matured people should behave in public Salon conversation

Girl 1: there is this guy I heard just moved into the estate. He’s hot, handsome, single and I heard he has biceps like C- Ronaldo

Girl 2: where did you hear that gist from?

Girl1: I heard some girls talking about him at the pool yesterday

Girl 3: what else did they say?

Girl 1: that he keeps to himself, not really interested in women

Girl 3: guess he is gay

Girl 1: ewww, that will be a waste of fine boy.

Girl 2: guess he hasn’t seen our kind

Girl 3: did you by chance get his address

They all giggled, the attendant interrupted them saying…. aunty I don ready oh.

Girl 1: Sure, he stays on road 12……

Girl 2: shhh, later (gesticulating an end to the conversation)

Ada stood up from her chair smiling at the image of herself in the mirror. She paid the attendant and turned to walk out but she stopped by where the other two ladies were seated and said in a low voice;

Ada: Goodluck in your search for C-Ronaldo in Nigeria

The girls couldn’t stop laughing as Ada stepped out of the salon.

Girl 1: your hair looks beautiful……

Weeks later, bishop was at the gym working out tirelessly to keep form. At a distant he saw 3 girls looking his way in a seductive manner. All he could do was smile back at them and looked away. Minutes later, he took off his shirt and headed for the pool.

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The girls gasped for breath at the sight of his biceps

Girl 1: Jesu!!

Girl 3: I think I want to swim

Girl 2: but you can’t swim

Girl 3: maybe he will teach me

Girl 1: am coming with you

Girl 3: please come in 10 minutes

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Girl 2: I will watch every scene from here

After swimming, they all sat down talked, drank and ate till he was ready to leave

Bishop: Am sorry, (looking at his watch) I have an appointment to catchup with, guess I will see you guys later

Girl 1: yeah………girl 2 cuts in

Girl 2: can I have your number, so I, we can call you

Bishop: here’s my card (he slid it on the table between the three of them)

Girl 3: thanks for the swimming lesson she said shyly

Bishop: my pleasure

He stood up and left them at the table, looking back, there were staring at him. He blew them a kiss and they were rushing to catchup with it in the air.

When Bishop was out of sight, an atmosphere engulfed them. They were staring at eachother with anger

Girl 1: (broke the ice with venom) what was that for?

Girl 2: what? She said hands open feigning ignorance

Girl 3: you are making us look cheap

Girl 2: (laughing she said) you wanted a swimming lesson; you got that. Turning to the next she said; you wanted to swim right? Yes, and you did. So, I guess we all got we wanted

Girl 3: what are we fighting over a man for? Please let’s stop this and look forward to our outing later tonight

Monday 05/03/2012

Ada was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for her family when her husband hurried downstairs through the kitchen and gave her a sharp kiss

Bayo: honey, please help me drop the kids at school (he said knotting his tie)

Ada: no, you promised……..(he shut her up with another kiss)

Bayo: I know but I just must get to the office

Ada: not again

Bayo: I would make it up to you

Ada: why do I always fall for you

Bayo: because you love me, he giggled

Ada: help with his tie she asked; do you love me?

Bayo: You know I do he kissed her passionately

Ada: I love you too

Bayo: bye, he shouted as he zoomed off

Ada: shouting aloud, it’s time for breakfast hurry up so that you don’t go late to school. Good morning Mummy the children chorused. looking back, she saw they were all dressed and said

Ada: morning, sit and eat up you have just 15 minutes (she went upstairs and change into something casual).

At Bayo’s office, during their normal Monday meeting. There was a disagreement on over how contracts and projects were being handled without supervision.

Boss: from this day forward, any project outside the state would be visited at least once a month for proper accountability and fiscal reports.

(All nodding in acceptance to what is being said)

Coll 1: sir, what if everyone of us has a project outside the state that is running simultaneously?

Boss: good question. All projects outside the state will be put on the notice board and there will be a rotating in visitation.

Bayo: how long do we need to be away for?

Boss: not more than 3 days, except otherwise.

Bayo: good to know sir

Boss: Bayo, the ongoing project at Abakalaki needs proper supervision. I got a report that we are running behind schedule. You will have to check it out. You leave after close of work tomorrow.

Bayo: but sir

Boss: the rotation just started

There was chattering as soon as the boss exited. Bayo was sitting confused at the impromptu travel.

Coll: the rotation just had to start with you (he tapped Bayo at the back)

Bayo: damn!!

Coll2: if I were you, I will be happy

Coll3: thank goodness my project is in Abuja

Bayo: at least Abuja is somewhere of note


Coll: accept this and maybe the next one will be at Tinapa.

They pulled Bayo out of his thoughts. Cheer up, it will be fun if you want it to be.

Later that night, Ada and Bayo were seated at the parlour listening to the late-night news when Bayo broke the silence in the air

Bayo: my love

Ada: what is it this time? You only call me my love when you want something from me.

Bayo: why will you always say that? You know I love you

Ada: I know (she said with a shudder) what is it?

Bayo: something came up at the office today (he said sitting upright). I will be traveling to Ebonyi state tomorrow evening

Ada: why is everything about you always impromptu? She said with a sharp response

Bayo: I was just informed this morning

Ada: oh really, (she snapped) and you accepted?

Bayo: I had no choice

Ada: how long are you staying there

Bayo: just two nights

Ada: have fun (she said in an undertone and retired to her room)

Bayo sat still surprised at her reaction and turned to the television. Minutes later, he was sleeping on the couch. Ada came down to see him asleep. She stood behind him for some minutes and nodded. She put off all the appliances and woke him up to join her in the room. When they were on the bed, she started by saying……

Ada: don’t think I don’t understand the fact that you have to work, it’s just that I hate being alone with the kids and always unprepared for your disappearances

Bayo: am sorry for the inconveniences I have caused you these past weeks. Like I said, I will make it up to you.

Ada: I don’t like that line, it gets me angry because it keeps piling up in my head.

Bayo: (pulling her close said) how about a getaway weekend without the kids to a place with the serenity of your warmth

Ada: (she turned smiling sheepishly) are you serious?

Bayo: sure I am. ( he met her lips) anywhere!

They kissed passionately and fondled their self, made love till they were exhausted

Ada: I will miss you

Bayo: I will miss you more.


Ada was on her way home with the kids from school and they met a traffic jam.

Ada: what the hell is this?

The children looked surprised as their mother went on cursing.

Can anything ever go right in this country (she honked her horn continuously as everyone was). She turned on the radio and tuned to her favourite station (Rhythm 93.7) where Madonna’s he lives in me was being played. She hummed as the music kept playing. The traffic was moving slowly until she entered a freeway and ride off.

On entering the street that led to her house, the car in front of her stopped abruptly to greet a friend coming from the opposite direction. She brought her head out of the window and shouted

Ada: please get you cars off the road

The drivers exchanged their phones to input numbers. She honked her horn that they thought she was in labour.

The approaching driver got close to her and said

Driver: madam, this is a close and not a getaway route then he zoomed past her after receiving an angry look. While she was moving, she peeped into the next car and her face lit up with a smile

Ada: Bishop (she stopped her car)

Bishop: Ada Owerri!! You are the one threatening everyone

Ada: what are you doing here

Bishop: I just moved into the estate

Ada: really, where?

Before she could finish her statement, the person behind her also honked his horn

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Bishop: now you are blocking someone (he laughed)

Ada: I stay on the White House down (she was saying as her voice gave way to the wind)

Bishop: signaled her saying I will call you.

The next three days was one of the best days of her life. Her long-lost school crush and best pal was just a stone throw from her. She carried out her duties graciously without complaint or hitches.

When her husband call, he noticed the change in her voice. Free from anger of him leaving. After she drops off at school, she hurried home to finish up her chores and the freshen up and then retires to Bishops house where they both gist for long , to the extent of going out for a drink and holding onto each other like two love birds.

On Friday, something different happened. She forgot to pick the kids from school. She lost track of time because of how entangled she was in the gist. She cooked, they ate and almost kissed when an aggressive banging on the gate awakened their consciousness. They peeped through the window to see who it was when the gateman opened the gate. Children have closed from school. She looked up at the clock and it was 4pm. She asked Bishop

Ada: is that time correct ?

Bishop: yes

Ada: Jesus! My children are still at the school

Bishop: when are you supposed to pick them up?

Ada: today is Friday, they close by 1pm

Bishop: let’s go and pick them up

When they were in the car, Ada started lamenting. What do I tell them?

Bishop: tell them you lost track of time

Ada: it has never happened

Bishop: there’s a first time for everything, cheer up

Ada: forgetting to brush your teeth is a mistake but forgetting your children is bad

Bishop: am truly sorry, it’s all my fault

Ada didn’t say a word till they arrived the children’s school. The children were actually playing around school with other children who were still around, probably I am not the only one who lost track of time. As soon as they came to sight, the children stood up and entered the car mumbling.

Children: Good afternoon mummy (they chorused

Ifeanyi: good afternoon sir

Bishop: afternoon big boy, how was school today

Ifeanyi: fine thank you sir

Ada: am very sorry I came late . I was held up. I promise to make it up to you. Because of that we are doing lunch outside. Just pick a place

Bose: yeah KFC

Tope: KFC is okay

Ada: how about you big boy

Ifeanyi: do I have a choice, it 2 to 1

Ada: KFC it is (she said turning to Bishop)

While at KFC two men were sitting from across them looking at them with keen interest as they are. Bishop noticed this, but Ada was telling the children about their school days with Bishop. The men walked up to them and Bishop sat back and awaited their arrival.

If it’s not for the Fakumo’s the 1st man said. This is not the Mr. Fakumo I know. (Stretching his hands towards Bishop) good afternoon

Ada: Tayo, Segun I am so surprised to see you here aren’t you supposed to be at work?

Coll1: yeah, our site is just around the corner

Ada: interesting, and you catapulted my husband out of town

Coll2: I can see that you are not missing him

Ada: sorry, meet my friend Bishop, Bishop, these are my husband’s colleagues.

We need to head to the office or we will have our boss to answer to.

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