Bayo called at about 8pm that he was in town and on his way home but stuck in traffic

Bayo: My love

Ada: what now?

Bayo: can you please prepare a hot meal for me?

Ada: at this time of the night? Am tired

Bayo: please am hungry and crave for a decent meal. Not that Okpa and Abacha

Ada: what would you love to eat?

Bayo: How about semovita

Ada: I’ll get it ready

Bayo: that’s why I love you

Ada: please don’t start and be careful

After dinner Ada and Bayo were lying on the bed when Bayo said

Bayo: sweetheart, that trip we planned for this weekend; I think we should postpone it till next week

Ada: (sitting up) she said why?

Bayo: am feeling too tired of taking a trip tomorrow. I worked very hard down there and need all the rest I can get.

Ada: no problem, as long as we still have to do it.

Bayo: hope you are not angry with me?

Ada: why should I be? (she said turning to him and rubbing her hand against his beard). I won’t want you to be sleeping during our getaway.

Bayo was stunned at her response

Bayo: thank you and Goodnight (he said kissing her)

Bayo laid on his back facing the ceiling still surprised at the way his wife took the news about the postponement. Its unlike her. He made the sign of the cross and dosed off.

MONDAY 12/03/2012

It was dawn already, Bayo woke up and found his wife staring down at him from across the bed.

Bayo: what? He sat up in a flash

Ada: nothing

Bayo: why the stare?

Ada: just felt like staring

Bayo: please don’t do that again; you scared me (he said standing up)

Ada: I just wanted to know how gracious you look when you sleep

Bayo: so, how gracious did I look?

Ada: I don’t know since you decided to spoil the fun. Now stand up and prepare for work else you will be late.

Bayo: I don’t feel like going today

Ada: you just have to because the kids are almost ready (she said swinging the car key)

During lunch, Bayo and his colleague were at the canteen eating and munching when Bayo decided to share his Abakaliki experience

Bayo: I didn’t see anything good to eat in that town. Every corner is Okpa and Abacha

Coll 1: I heard your site is close to the university

Bayo: yes, I saw it from a distance he said

Coll 2: So apart from work, what else did you do

Bayo: what else? He quizzed.

Coll 1: so, no extracurricular activities? (he said gesticulating with his left hand)

Bayo: as in? he responded

Coll 2: are trying to say you were all alone for 3 days; hmmm

Bayo: I went alone, who do you expect me to be with again?

Coll 1: innocent like you

Coll 2: well, I was just asking

Bayo: Abeg, people are different, and I happily married

They all laughed

Coll 1: last I checked adultery was meant for adults, most especially married people

Coll 2: tell him my brother

Bayo: you are both on your own in that regard; please say something else

Coll 1: we bumped into your family during our site visit while you were away

Bayo: really, where?

Coll 2: KFC

Coll 1: she was radiating

Bayo: be careful, that’s my wife you are talking about (he said raising his hand with a mould of eba)

Coll 2: can’t you take a compliment on her behalf?

Coll 1: the kids were not looking bad as well, you are really working

Bayo: thank you

Coll 2: there was this guy she was with; her schoolmate or so

Coll 1 stamped coll 2’s feet underneath the table indicating that was not a necessary inclusion in their conversation

Coll 2: she complained bitterly that we sent you out of town

Bayo: if not for the kids, she would have tagged along

Coll 1: A wife is meant to be jealous

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Coll 2: checking his watch said lets head back to the office

At the office Coll 1 pulled coll 2 to the rest room and was not looking happy at all.

Coll 1: what is so important that you can’t say in the office

Coll 2: you shouldn’t have told Bayo that you saw his wife with another man, it was uncalled for.

Coll 1: it slipped, I really wish I could take it back

Coll 2: that was too sloppy

Coll 1: do you think he will read meaning to it?

Coll 2: people are of different characters, who knows

Coll 1: I pray he doesn’t, I just wanted to elongate the conversation


After dinner, the family shared the grace and the children retired to their rooms.

Ada: so how was work today?

Bayo: fine, I had to give a presentation based on my project supervision in Ebonyi state

Ada: hope you killed them?

Bayo: I wish they would die. The both giggled

Ada: how is Segun and Tayo?

Bayo: they are fine,

Ada: I ran into them last week at KFC

Bayo: they told me; we went out for lunch together

Ada: bachelors and restaurants

Bayo: they said you almost beat them up

Ada: they were lucky we were at a public place. How will they send you out of the state and remain in town? They are still single and have liberty to move around. Unlike you that is married and have people waiting for you to come back.

Bayo: so you have decided that it is men you want to start beating?

Ada: what do you take me for? All those Jason Statham’s movies I used to watch. You think it’s for fun. Just pray I don’t use it on you

Bayo: Ehen, I think we need to discard the tv set in the house

Ada: I have learnt enough (she showed a karate move)

Bayo: Mogbe!!

Ada: guess what? (she said in a happy tone). I met one of my university classmates last week.

Bayo: where?

Ada: on this our street, he just moved into the area. We were even together the day I saw your colleagues. Didn’t they tell you?

Bayo: no, they didn’t

Ada: I will invite him over one of these days

Bayo: no wahala (he yawned)


When Bayo came home from work, he noticed his wife’s dressing was far from ordinary. Dropping his bag he asked

Bayo: What’s the occasion

Ada: nothing, why?

Bayo: your dress at this hour?

Ada: I was too tired to take it off.

Bayo retired to the study to finish up some office work before dinner was served. After dinner, Ada brought a parcel into the room and handed it to him

Bayo: what is this for? (he said looking up at the calendar to be sure he has not missed anything). I asked what the occasion was you never told me. Yet you come bearing gifts

Ada: it’s not an occasion, it’s a late wedding gift

Bayo: from who

Ada: my friend I told you about (Bishop)

Bayo: After eight years

Ada: he wasn’t in the country when we got married. While we were in school, he said his gift will beat everybody’s own.

Bayo: so, what’s inside?

Ada: as you can see, it’s still sealed

Bayo: the fear of bokoharam (he hummed)

Ada: stop it (she hit him lightly)

Bayo: we don’t know who is who these days (he said unwrapping the gift)

As he opened the little box, the reflection from the glittering wrist watch made them both exclaim *JESUS*. A paper fell off from the box. Bayo picked it up.

Bayo: 24 Carat Gold Custom made SWATCH wrist watch

Ada covered her mouth in awe. Bayo picked his and gave her the feminine one. Behind it both read;

Mr and Mrs Fakumo

This little gift should rekindle your love for each other

Happy married life Bishop

Ada sat down in the corner and was sobbing, Bayo went to join her and pull her to his side.

Ada: I never expected this from him (she burst into tears)


Bayo: I must confess, this is the best gift ever or what do you think?

Ada: I have no objection to that (she said as more tears rolled down her eyes)

Bayo kissed her lips passionately and she responded with eagerness

Bayo: happy married life and stop crying, we should celebrate.

Ada: I know, it’s our wedding night all over again. Let’s make good use of it.

Bayo: I like the sound of that.

The atmosphere changed, and the curtains were drawn. Even I didn’t know what they did at this time. But I will let your instincts be the judge of that.

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At about 5:30am, Ada was awake staring hard into the ceiling in the dark searching for answers. Her thoughts were nowhere else but back to her school days when she and Bishop were best of friends. He wanted more but I needed a friend in him and he was good with it. But I doubt he is done with that feeling.

He really did love me and probably still loves me. He has always been a gentleman and respected my decisions even though they hurt him. Sometimes I just wish I gave him a part of me. Now this. The watch is just another of his way of winning one’s heart and this time it’s working again.

Bayo: sneaking up on her, a penny for your thoughts

Ada: good morning

Bayo: morning dear, anything the matter?

Ada: no, just thinking

Bayo: share your thoughts with me

Ada: don’t go to work today

Bayo: why not?

Ada: I want to spend the day alone with you

Bayo: today is Wednesday, an odd day for that matter

Ada: that’s what makes it better. Odd is unsuspecting

Bayo: I will try

Ada: don’t try please (she turned and sat upon him and said) I LOVE YOU

Bayo: I LOVE YOU TOO (he said looking surprised)

She prepared the children for school while Bayo was on call with his boss dishing him a lie. She went to drop the children at their school and got held up a little. She was rushing home to her husband. I want to get these wild thoughts of Bishop of my mind.

This is the only way possible I know. She arrived home and to her surprise, Bayo has turned the house into a romantic pub. Littering rose petals from the dinning all the way to the bedroom. Scented candles along the hallway. I can’t believe this, looking at her watch. All these in how many minutes. Hope am safe. Bayo stood at one end of the room and pointed at an inscription on the wall that read “switch off all phones”

Bayo: Bishop just made me realize how much I love you

Ada: (that name again she thought within) how much?

Bayo: beyond words (he pushed the remote and the music came on. Boys II men’s I will make love to you)

Her ate her up in the room that she counted the ceiling a hundred times over. Then hunger set in and Ada went to the kitchen to make something but Bayo came in with the little man all charged up. Her eyes were wide open and she gave in without pressure. She bent over and Bayo ate her up even before the food was ready. The house was not enough for their tryst as they touched all corners of the house. The kitchen, dining and the master bedroom became a slave to their aroused feelings. After the world war, the generals decided to wave the white flag and they dosed off.

When Ada woke up, she went to the bathroom to take her bath. Bayo then joined her shortly and said you will not leave my sight today. Hurricane Katrina approached, and whirlwind was massive. Hope you can imagine what I am imagining.

Ada: how I wish everyday could be like this

Bayo: if you conceive from now till the end of the month (if it’s a boy). His name will be called Bishop

Ada: what!! (Not again)

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Bayo: this marathon is his doing actually

Ada: you are not serious

Bayo: oh yes, I am serious. I am looking forward to meeting him

Ada: I will arrange for him to come

Bayo: please do

Ada was worried all over again. If only Bayo knows what I am going through. Bishop showing up on my street, then the gift and now naming our child Bishop. Am in deep trouble.

Days pass and Ada has been looking for who to pour her troubles on. She has been avoiding Bishop’s every call and text messages. Ada decided to seek advice from the only friend she trust could keep her secret. Her mother

Ada: mummy good morning

Mum: my daughter, I thought you have abandoned me? How are you

Ada: am fine oh; you nko?

Mum: we are also fine, how about your husband and my children?

Ada: they are all fine

Mum: this one you are sounding like this, hope all is well

Ada: somehow; infact, that is why I called (she shrugged)

Mum: ngwa, ne kwu anam na nu (ok, speak am listening)

Ada: you remember that my friend Bishop, he asked after you

Mum: oh!! How is he doing? That nice boy that I never seen yet it’s as if I know him.

Ada: oh, mummy listen to me, she interjected

Mum: ok, continue

Ada: you know how close we were in school then?

Mum: ehen, she said changing her position on the chair

Ada: he has always wanted to date me, but I refused, and he understood then. But since he surfaced, things have taken a different turn

Mum: how? Does he not know you are married?

Ada: he knows oh (she said scratching her hair). I didn’t know it will be like this

Mum: I don’t understand. What really is the problem? Is he asking you out?

Ada: he is not; it’s just that……….

Mum: that what (she shouted)

Ada: I think he still likes me

Mum: are you alright young lady. Have you forgotten that you are married with kids. You had better focus on your family and leave that boy alone. Tell him to stop calling you infact change your number so he doesn’t call you again (Ada cuts in)

Ada: that’s the problem, in just moved into our estate our street for that matter

Mum: Chinekeme!!(My God) what kind of temptation is this?

Ada: mama, recently he gave us a wedding gift and since then Bayo has been dying to meet him.

Mum: meet him kwa? What kind of gift?

Ada: on fine wristwatch like that.

Mum: eh ya, what a lovely boy. Even after all these years. May God really bless him for us

Ada: Amen. Mama focus oh, that’s not why I called. Help me am in a fix

Mum: he has always been your friend. He knows and understands you are married. And since he is not making any gestures towards you. There is no cause for alarm.

Ada: there is oh, seeing him every day makes me uncomfortable. There was one time we were together and we almost kissed.

Mum: Ada!! Please it is a taboo to thread on that ground. How did that happen?

Ada: it didn’t happen; but almost. I can’t explain it

Mum: so you are the problem

Ada: how (she said sharply)

Mum: I think you love him. Infact, you have always loved him

Ada: I love him as a friend

Mum: shut up, I gave birth to you. I will advise you to be strong and prayerful. Bishop has always been a good boy from the stories you have told me. I trust he won’t thread on that path. Just be careful and extend my greetings to him.

Ada: ok ma, bye

Ada sat down on the floor stunned at what her mother just revealed. Do I really love him? (she said doubting herself). I know I like him, and he is caring and a gentleman. May this cross (Bishop) pass over me.

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