Three hours later, the police arrived. Mr. Fakumo was placed on Intensive Care Unit, while Mrs. Fakumo was treated for bruises. The police asked a question and Bishop answered immediately

Bishop: It’s a case of domestic violence

Police: and you are?

Bishop: Friend of the family and neighbour (pointing at their neighbour)

The police got their address and promised to come as soon as it was dawn, and they wanted their full cooperation. Not long, Bishop and the neighbour took Ada home and made sure she was well settled before they left for their houses.

At dawn, the weather was cold (due to the rain) and questions about the previous night was hovering the air. The place was filled with people jostling for firsthand information.

The police were everywhere searching for the best and possible report from anyone was willing to give.

Mrs Fakumo’s Statement

My husband came back late at about 2am on that day. I asked him where he was coming from; instead of giving me an answer, he slapped me and said he has been hearing stories of my infidelity. I told him not to turn tables and give me an answer instead he started beating me to tell him the truth. He kept on beating me with no intention of stopping. So I decided to run in a bid to defend myself.

I told him not to come closer, but he wouldn’t listen, I had no choice than to shoot. I did not intend to kill him

Bishop’s Statement

At about 3am on the 4th of april 2012, I heard screams that woke me up. The noise was coming from my neighbours compound. I called my friends and the security around, but they wouldn’t interfere at that ungodly hour. So, I decided to go and see if I could help. I guess I was late, because on getting there Mr. Fakumo was already in a pool of blood.

That morning, Bayo’s parents arrived after Kemi told them there was a fight and a gun was involved. They met the house in a mess and asked to see their soon and was told that he was in the hospital. Kemi narrated what transpired but as her parents read the situation, it was their son that was hospitalized. So, he was the victim. The father hurriedly went to the hospital to check on his son but could only be allowed to see him through the glass. Bayo he exclaimed

Bayo’s mum was in the house harassing Ada but Kemi came to her defense only to be called a bastard for not defending her brother. Ada’s mother arrived and located her child all covered in plasters and bandages. She picked her daughter up and went into the room only to find it more messed up than the sitting room.

Door broken, congealed blood on the floor, window shattered. She had no time to ask questions but became tidying the house. Kemi joined her but Bayo’s mother was just lamenting about the conspiracy to kill her son. Finally, when she noticed nobody had her time, she joined her husband in the hospital. She was finally asked to leave the hospital because she was cursing, shouting and disturbing everyone in white that walked pass her.

On Monday of the next week, Bayo’s mother stomped the house with policemen with an arrest warrant for Ada and Bishop for the attempted murder of Mr Fakumo. Everything took a new twist. Ada’s mum confronted her but Bayo’s mum said “my son cannot be in medical prison and she is here enjoying herself. They will be there until my son comes back to life and we hear his part of the story.

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The press was not left out, their report on this matter was exclusive

The Punch – Man murdered by wife and boyfriend

The Sun – Woman and lover shoot husband

The Tide – Man hospitalized after surviving gunshot from wife and lover boy

Bayo was in the hospital for about a week while Ada and Bishop were in police custody for the same duration. Bayo just came back to life and his mother was compounding his health as regards decisions taken on his behalf while he was in coma. He asked of his wife, but nobody gave him a reply. There was too much noise emanating from the room, then a nurse came in and ushered them all out. Kemi was the only left to stay back.

Kemi was seating beside her brother but concentrating on the network news on the television. She stole glances at her brother until at one point, their eyes met. Then Bayo broke the silence.

Bayo: what is all that look for?

Kemi: can’t I look at you again? She retorted

Bayo: if there is something bugging you why not say it

Kemi: there’s nothing, I am just disappointed at what you did to your wife (Ada)

Bayo: what did I do? Am I not the one lying here.

Kemi: does being here exonerate you from what you did? She and her friend are at the station suffering for your baseless suspicions.

Bayo: you had better put your mouth where it concerns you young lady (he snarled at her sitting up)

Silence engulfed the room for some minutes. Then Kemi continued

Kemi: I was there, I saw it all. How it started. You didn’t even remember I was coming that day. (she continued without stopping). The person you were up against was the same person who risked his life in the dead of the night to rush your lifeless body to the hospital. He did it because he loved your wife but that was ages ago.

Hope you are okay because the condition for granting them bail is your recovery. (Bayo was quiet listening to Gods voice). You came in all drunk and accusing her. You hit her first, I saw everything. I just couldn’t interfere because I was ashamed of you. My brother, a woman beater. I was irritated.

While you were comatose, you became famous. Kemi threw some newspaper cuts on his bed. See how you made it to the paper. Now that you are awake, the press will come calling for your own side of the story. I guess this time the headlines will change depending on what you want it to be.

Ada showed me a gold wrist watch and I was very sure it wasn’t from Dangote. I guess this is the best time to protect your interest. He is in jail she whispered

I just thought I should let you know my part in this. Get well soon (she stood up rubbed his leg and headed for the door)

Bayo: where are you going?

Kemi: to school, I have exams to prepare for


Bayo: come let me explain.

Kemi: save it for those who need it (she left)

Bayo: was perplexed at his sister’s outburst. He called out her name, but she didn’t look back

After Bayo was discharged from the hospital, he persuaded his mother to go and release Ada and Bishop as he has decided to withdraw the case from court.

Bishop asked to call his lawyer (Joy) to come bail him out. A young lady came in her traditional black and white. She wasn’t just beautiful, she was also smart in reasoning. She was the youngest SAN to have emerged from Nigeria at age 29. She had suitors immediately after her law school, but she turned them down in a bit to pursue her career which was not doing bad at all.

Her presence as lawyer was intimidating. She insisted on seeing the DPO for the unlawful detainment of the suspects after 24 hours. They were eventually granted bail and Joy met Ada for the first time and assured her that everything will be alright.

Ada went home with her mother to recover from the trauma Bayo and his family has put him through. Schools were on vacation already and the children were safe at her mother’s place. Bayo kept calling but Ada ignored them. He sent series of apology messages, but she read them and ignored its contents.

Days passed, Ada went home hoping her husband would be at work. She needed change of clothes and some necessary things. While she was packing, Bayo kept begging and blamed the devil for all that has happened

Bayo: (on his knees) Please Ada, forgive my mother for how she treated you

Ada: see who is talking (she laughed sarcastically), you are not even apologizing for what you did, but for your parents who are enjoying the bliss of their marriage

Bayo: I acted on suspicion

Ada: suspicion of who? Bishop of all people. The one person told you about, that you spoke with on phone and was inviting him over? The one who gave you the gold watch you are flaunting about. I am highly disappointed in you. I am beginning to regret marrying you.

Bayo: I am sorry for how stupid I acted. It will never happen again (with tears rolling down his eyes)

Ada: that is if I will be here to ever allow such happen again. If at all I want to cheat on you, do you think I will be naïve enough to get caught. Come too think of it (she said facing him). What did you do wrong that makes you think I will pay you back by cheating on you?

Bayo: nothing at all (he said trying to defend himself)

Ada: I just need sometime to cool off. When the case is withdrawn from court, then we will talk about settling this matter within our families. Before I make my decision.

Bayo: please don’t do this to me, I promise to make it up to you

Bayo’s plea bargain was cut short by the bang on the gate. As if the landlord has come to collect an accumulated rent. Bayo looked through the window and excused himself. Ada stopped what she was doing and went to the window to see who it was. It was her mother-in-law. The renowned educationist, the mother superior of the immaculate white garment church.


A proud mother of ten children, a retired counsellor from the ministry of women affairs, second to none when it comes to motherhood. Who else would you have picked to be your mother-in-law? Ada came back to her consciousness when the parlour door was knocked, then she realized the catalyst of her problem has resurfaced. She hurriedly locked the door and continued her packing. Bayo came to the door and was knocking but she didn’t open

Bayo; Ada please open the door (he begged leaning on the door)

Ada: I will be with you shortly (she said zipping the last of her bags)

Bayo: Mama is around come and greet her

Ada: I know, I heard her voice and will be out in a minute

Mama: how long does it take to open an ordinary door, she said pushing her way in

Bayo: ekaro ma

Mama: where’s Ada, didn’t she hear my voice

Bayo: she’s having her bath

Mama: okay (mumbling under her breath)

Ada came into the sitting room strolling in with a care free attitude

Ada: good morning ma (she greeted and maintained her distance by sitting on the dining far away from the devil

Mama: (talking to Bayo in a low tone) hope she is Okay?

Bayo: yes, she is. Ada please get water for Mama to drink

Mama: don’t worry, I am okay for now (this one she’s looks at me like this)

Ada stayed a while and the disappeared into the bedroom leaving mother and son in the sitting room to continue their bonding

Mama: how is she taking everything?

Bayo: ha!! There is fire on the mountain

Mama: Kilode

Bayo: she is packing her things as we speak

Mama: Iro oh, what did you do this time?

Bayo; I have not done anything new, it’s the same issue on ground, we have not been able to resolve it. She’s still angry

Mama: that small thing? Next week we will withdraw the case. Let me go and talk to her

Bayo: (held his mother back) don’t go, she is angry with you too

Mama: Me how? what did I do?

Bayo: you were the one that arrested them (Bayo said itching his head)

Mama: its not like that, I acted based on what I heard. Moreover its just the guy we asked them to arrest, you know all these police people; they will want to arrest everybody around in a bid to get more money from bail. She is my daughter, I wouldn’t do that to her (she said walking towards Ada’s room). Where is she? Ada my daughter come lets iron this issue out.

Ada hurriedly hid her bags under the bed and went to open the door. Mama embraced her and rubbed her back saying don’t be offended my child. I didn’t mean to put you through all these. The police acted on their own. While they were still embraced, Ada smirked at the excuses. Bayo appeared at the door and Ada released herself from Mama’s grip.

Ada: its ok ma, I have forgiven you

Mama: thank you, oni se agbako

Ada: Amin

As soon as Mama left the house, Ada called a cab who picked up her luggage and left the house.

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