Doctor Tunde could not hide the mixture of fear and surprise before him. The size of his bulging eyeballs could pick a place in the world book of records. He had never seen anything like this in his twelve years experience as an obstetrician. The once quiet state hospital had been thrown into turmoil.

Nurses were seen sprinting around the second floor of the health center. Who said the Olympic track and field event is meant only for athletes. These nurses could compete and win a silver medal. The white coat of doctor Tunde, the states finest obstetrician had turned brown after several falls as he tried to escape to the ground floor.

Initially, the residents around thought it was a fire outbreak. They soon discovered it was no fire. What happened was stranger.

The doctor was heard shouting as ran “kill him” “nurses, euthanasia! Now!”  He even spoke Yoruba which he never did before “E pa! E pa…” “Kill him, he must not move from that place!”

At that instance, a blood stained woman in her mid twenties was seen crawling out from one of the rooms on second floor, she had a horror look plastered to her face as she stretched forth her hands to the once caring nurses for help and quick transport out of the second floor.

On the ground floor, various media network had arrived to disperse the strangest news to the world. The second floor of the building had turned empty, quiet and deserted. The only sound around was a baritone voice from a thirty minutes old new born. “Listen to me at least, before I get killed” was all he was saying as he juggles his legs and arms inside his little cradle.

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Not just the media houses, the police force had also arrived with their ammunitions. The media ready to roll the cameras and the police ready to fire peradventure the talking baby graduated from talking to flying or grew to a dragon.

Most of the strangest news concerning newborns are those who arrived with a Bible or Quran, rosary, matchsticks and so on. Some with words written on their palms in Arabic and other languages. The last case was that of a baby girl in another city who arrived with a miniature tree glued to her left hand and a machete on the other. Never has a talking one been seen or heard of until now.

How could newborns carry these things and writings on themselves? Many have given various explanations. Maybe the mother swallowed the matchsticks, rosary months before…..the doctors must have written those palm messages to prove religious selfishness and beliefs…and so on.

The doctor, some nurses that turned brave suddenly, the media and the police including mother and some residents had arrived on the second floor after tip toeing for eternity. Making sure the baby had not replicated and walking around, they all entered room 2a where the newborn was. Doctor Tunde refused to move in, his eyeballs had regained their normal shapes and sizes but he wasn’t interested in any message a thirty-five minutes old baby has.

In the room laid the baby, “welcome people” he said to them. Instantly they sensed their heads swelling and terrified. One of the policemen, on reflex pointed his gun at the cradle with an urge to say “you are under arrest!”

“The nurses were cleaning me up, and I was busy cuddling him when he slowly said ‘mummy, I have something to say’” That was the mother cry talking


“Before you all proceed, let me deliver my message first, after which you can decide what to do me……after all, who wants to raise a talking baby” he then continued. All were crazily shivering. The clinging of bullets could be heard from the guns.

“This message is for you mum from my father.  He said he is so sorry for leaving you to pass through those nine months alone. He said the morning you called him about the pregnancy and you felt he hung up on you, he actually was happy. He left the bakery where he works with two thought s on his mind; how to get a third job so he can cater for us well and how to reach you immediately.

He was on his way to you when another thought occurred to him; your parents. He was so scared to break the news to them based on the fact that they never supported the relationship due to tribalism and financial status.

He said he got there and your father flared up, your mother was so mad at him, even after assuring them you will be safe and fine, that he will keep working hard to get a job with his second class upper certificate. They totally disagreed, and instead of leaving him to go in peace they invited the police to lock him up.”

All shivering had stopped now, camera kept on rolling, guns had been pointed down away from the cradle and mother of newborn was weeping uncontrollably.

“Father said he was later released that night with no dime on him, all the cash on him including his wallet which contained his credit card were detained by the police. He had to get down to you no matter what, so he opted for trekking that cold, rainy night. It was on his way he got kidnapped by human part sellers. He was dealt with but later escaped that night on the thought of you. Instead of hiding somewhere till morning, your husband was so determined to see you, so he continued on his journey to your apartment.”


“He was on the third street to your apartment’s street when he got hit by a stray bullet from the historical fire exchange   between the police and armed robbers that night. His body was counted with the lynched robbers and left unidentified”


Now all were crying, even doctor Tunde, which left his eyes bulging again.

“Your husband, my father said you should never hate him, he said he will forever love you; that was the promise he made to you, even in death. His love for you will always be gold and true. He had no choice than to communicate with you via this means, and he’s so sorry for this. He must reach you. He said you must carry on with your life and be strong without losing courage. You should decide what life would be, life shouldn’t decide for you. He said you must not find it hard to say goodbye and forgive him. Do not forget his favorite saying, “there is hell in hello, good in goodbye, lie in believe, over in lover, end in friend and ex in next….’”


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