Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019 And Their Net Worth

Updated Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019

Nollywood is believed to make billions of U.S. dollars every year, and its top Nigerian actresses make a good fortune for every role they play. Some ladies are luckier than others in terms of their financial checks, and the most fortunate are also the most popular and influential.

Are you looking for the current and updated list of richest female actress in Nigeria 2019, then you are on the right page as we have researched and compiled just for you the Top 10 wealthiest female actresses in Nigeria and their net worth

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Below you will find a list of top 20 richest Nigerian female actress names that are loved by millions of our countrymen. Our ranking uses public data shared by different sources online. You will learn not just the names of Nollywood stars who are rich but also discover their net worth.

We have a particular order in our selection of the wealthiest Nollywood female actresses. The richest star is the first one followed by others in descending order.

Updated list of 10 female actress in Nigeria 2019

1. Rita Dominic Worth N950 Million Naira

Rita Uchenna Dominic is from a royal family in Abo Mbaise in Imo State. Since her childhood, she has been waxing strong in the movie industry and has starred in over 100 movies till date.

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019 And Their Net Worth


The richest actress in Nigeria always looks fresh and lovely. Rita Dominic’s first film was ‘A Time to Kill,’ and it made her famous, loved, and successful. The Nollywood star has been the winner of many prestigious awards, and her earnings have grown a lot.

She produced the award winning movie “The Meeting” a romantic comedy drama, thereby raising her net-worth to N950 million.

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2. Genevieve Nnaji Worth 850 million Naira

Genevieve Nnaji is regarded as a goddess in Nollywood because of her charisma and power in Nollywood. Her beauty and figure has won her deals in Amstel Malta, Etisalat and Jumia etc.

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019 And Their Net Worth

She earns enough to live a happy life with her daughter.This star of more than 80 Nigerian films boasts the wealth of approximately 850 million Naira.


3. Mercy Johnson Worth 600 million Naira

The Kogi state super actress has appeared in over 100 movies but one of her best role was dumebi. Her very sexy appeal has won her many roles in movies and endorsement deals which made her super rich.

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Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019 And Their Net Worth

No one could ever foretell that ‘The Maid’ would become the start of Mercy Johnson’s impressive career. This film made her famous, wealthy, and influential. There are rumors that this beautiful lady is paid at least 2 million Naira per each role she plays. We don’t know if this is true, but her wealth does impress.

Mercy Johnson’s net worth has reached over 600 million Naira.


4. Omotola Jalade Worth 550 Million Naira

Omotola Jalade, is extremely popular on social networks. For example, her Instagram account has more than 3.3 million followers. The actress is good at acting and has other exciting talents such as modeling and singing. She influences many Nigerians, and she is a proud owner of many awards for her outstanding roles.

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019 And Their Net Worth

Many call her Omosexy as many might think she should be at number two of the list.The next actresses to be mentioned are much more indomitable. Omo sexy has a million followers on Facebook.

The net worth of Omotola Jalade is approximately 550 million Naira.


5. Funke Akindele Worth 510 Million Naira

Jenifer as fondly called is one of the most popular actress of Yoruba decent in Nigeria. She is an actress to reckon with in the movie industry in Nigeria and also one of the highest paid. A very interesting person to be with. She is also the richest Yoruba actress in Nigeria currently this 2019.

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019 And Their Net Worth

This beautiful actress has more than 6.5 million followers on her Instagram account, which makes her one of the most followed and influential female persons in Nigeria. Each of her roles is amazing. For many movies, Funke Akindele has received awards not just within our country but all across Africa. If you wish to enjoy her acting, watch ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ television series.

Her net worth is about 510 million Naira. She is one of the highest paid Nollywood stars as well.


6. Ini Edo Worth 450 million Naira

She arguably one of the sexiest actresses in Nigerian Nollywood and has featured in over 200 movies. Last year, she bought a mansion in Lekki area worth over 50 million and a mercedes G-wagon worth 30 million Naira. She is one of the highest paid actresses in Nollywood and has numerous sponsored deals.

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Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019 And Their Net Worth

Hot and beautiful, this actress has been starring in a significant number of Nollywood films. Besides all these occupations, she is also a producer and movie director.

Ini Edo’s net worth is approximately 450 million Naira.


7. Clarion Chukwura Worth 400 million Naira

If there is an actress in Nigeria Nollywood who knows how to interpret her role exactly the way it should be, that person is Clarion Chukwura. Interestingly, the veteran actress is the mother of Clarence Peters and the wife of the popular singer Shina Peters. She is a legend in Nollywood.

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019 And Their Net Worth

She is the star of so many films that is it hard to count them all. You can enjoy her playing in the ‘Egg of Life,’ ‘Farewell to Babylon,’ ‘Abuja Connection,’ ‘Apaye’ and many other titles.

Clarion Chukwura’s net worth reaches approximately 400 million Naira.


8. Danielle Okeke Worth 390 million Naira

Danielle Okeke is a top Nollywood actress and a producer, though not too popular like the rest but she is good at her job. She currently owns a company called DCOVI Entertainment. She has acquired a lot over the years in the movie industry. She bought a $5,700 Vertu constellation phone and owns a house in Lekki with four cars.

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019 And Their Net Worth

Danielle Okeke looks like a real model. She is gorgeous; thus the movies in which she plays are fascinating to watch. You can’t get your eyes off the beautiful lady. Here are some ideas about what to see on the weekend: ‘The Boss Is Mine,’ ‘Lagos Cougars,’ etc.

Danielle Okeke’s net worth is about 390 million Naira.


9. Patience Ozokwor Worth 390 Million Naira

Mama G as she is fondly called is by far the most popular female actress in Nigeria after Genevieve and Omotola. She is one of the most decorated actresses in Nigeria and also one of the richest Nollywood actress in Nigeria. She is also said to be related to Nkem Owoh.

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019 And Their Net Worth

Life can have such unexpected turns! Did you know that Patience Ozokwor studied to become a teacher? Millions of Nigerians are lucky that she has finally changed her mind and left her teaching job to start acting. Firstly, her movies are loved by many fans. Secondly, she has a chance to work with famous brands and earn additional financial checks on top of her salary as one of the top Nollywood stars.

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Mama G’s net worth is approximately 390 million Naira.


10. Mary Remmy Njoku Worth 380 Million Naira

Though not a regular name in the movie industry, she still made it into the list of richest female actress in Nigeria because of her husband, Jason Njoku who was the CEO of Iroking. He got married to her on August 18, 2012 in Lagos.

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019 And Their Net Worth

That was how she became wealthy as she is the CEO of ROK studios, a popular film production studio based in Lagos.

The actress boasts a net worth of about 380 million Naira.


11. Uche Jumbo Worth 370 Million Naira

The Powerful Uche Jumbo who recently got married to her Mexican guy is not just popular but rich. She is also a producer and a Globacom ambassador and has been nominated for numerous awards and has won many awards till date.

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019 And Their Net Worth

Her career quickly rose after the release of ‘Visa to Hell’ film in the late 1990s. Since then she has appeared in more than sixty movies making millions of Nigerians happy.

The actress has a new wealth of about 370 million Naira.


12. Adesua Etomi Worth 200 Million Naira

Adesua Etomi is one of the most beautiful actresses in Nollywood 2019 and just married a celebrity and music writer, singer and producer, Banky W. She is also among Nigeria richest actress list this 2019.

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Female Actress in 2019 And Their Net Worth

Great-looking model, actress, talented TV personality and active social media user has been a real drama queen since about seven years old. She played in the drama club, studied in the United Kingdom and joined the famous Nollywood industry 15 years ago. Her first major role was in ‘Knocking on the Heavens Door’ with many other roles following.

The actress has a new wealth of about 200 million Naira.

The Most Nigerian Successful Actress In 2019

Below is the list of current 10 Most Successful Actresses in Nigeria today

  1. Mercy Johnson
  2. Rita Dominic
  3. Ini Edo
  4. Genevieve Nnaji
  5. Patience Ozonkwor
  6. Omotola Ekeinde
  7. Kate Henshaw
  8. Funke Akindele
  9. Uche Jumbo
  10. Clarion Chukwurah
  11. Adesua Etomi Wellington
  12. Regina Daniels

There you have it, the list of the richest female actress in Nigeria 2019. Do you agree with the list, we love to hear you views in the comment section below.

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